BURLY movie monster Harvey Weinstein had no qualms forcing gals to have sex, but now he’s whining like a two-yearold that his trial was unfair and is demanding a new one!

While found not guilty of first-degree rape and other charges, the 69-year-old was convicted of a first-degree criminal sexual act and thirddegre­e rape and got 23 years behind bars.

Now, his lawyers claim his New York trial was unfair, noting one juror was writing a book about sexually predatory older men that was similar to the case and showed a bias.

They also claim the judge shouldn’t have allowed testimony about Weinstein’s past alleged acts — where dozens of gals accused him of sex attacks — that were not part of the case. And they say his sentence is “unduly harsh and excessive.”

However, even if granted a new trial in the Big Apple, Weinstein is charged with six counts of alleged sexual assault in California. Still, the caged crybaby continues to insist he’s innocent and all of his sexual encounters were consensual.

At his sentencing in New York, he said, “I really feel remorse,” but added: “I’m totally confused and I think men are confused about all of these issues.”

 ??  ?? Dozens of women have accused the former Miramax boss of sex attacks
Dozens of women have accused the former Miramax boss of sex attacks

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