Insightful Crabs find the keys to happiness


STEP out of your shell and be bold and brave as the year kicks off, Crab! It’s now or never to let someone know how you feel!

However, don’t make the mistake of being overly confident in finances during the spring months. A careless purchase made in March could come back to haunt you under the Scorpio full moon!

June finds you struggling to balance the needs of a demanding loved one and your partner — but Saturn helps you find a gentle way to insist your relative solve their own problems.

August brings a cash flow surprise — enough to put a down payment on a new house or buy a luxury car!

Meditate on your hopes for the future and plan goals under September’s Pisces full moon when inspiratio­n strikes on ways to solve your worries. It could lead to ringing in the new year on the arms of someone fabulous!

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