Beware! You’re facing burnout


JANUARY finds you stepping up in the community, organizing a festival or agreeing to head a group of volunteers. The boost in self-esteem from your new status makes you irresistib­le! Singles may even connect with their true love then!

The sun sailing into your sign May 20 is the ideal time to stop hanging onto the threads of a romance or job that’s no longer fulfilling. Let it go, Twin child! The universe has something epic in store, and it will arrive by the end of summer.

Keep receipts handy in autumn when your moods are up and down and you’ll want to return or exchange clothing or household décor for something you like better!

The busy holiday season kicking off with Halloween could lead to fatigue — pace yourself or you’ll burn out!

As the year ends, sharing confidence­s with new and old friends leads to an exciting lifestyle change!

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