Trust your instincts & thrive!


BRACE for a boost from the Super Moon in January — a trend that lasts all year! But a warning: Although you always seek out the best in people, a little suspicion goes a long way in April, when someone tries to deceive you in a money deal! Listen to your instincts.

Get out to greet fresh faces in summer to boost both your love life and cash flow — you could land a profitable new job!

October winds blow in rumors involving you, but stay quiet to preserve your dignity! A friend will set the story straight under the Scorpio new moon.

You’ll be on a romantic roller-coaster all year but don’t fret. When it’s time for holiday celebratio­ns, you’ll have someone special by your side!

Plan to ring in the new year with your soulmate — you won’t be disappoint­ed!

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