Zip your lips to dodge big trouble


SELF-DISCIPLINE is vital when it comes to your words in 2022, Scorpion. Social media disputes, arguments online or faceto-face confrontat­ions could lead to trouble on the job or in your community! You are big-hearted and intellectu­al, but this year it’s better to keep your opinions to yourself. Zip it!

Set aside time for soulrestor­ing long walks alone while Mercury is retrograde in January and February. Quiet reflection keeps your anxieties in check and could even lead singles to a chance encounter with your soulmate!

A promising business idea blooms under the summer sun — set aside a cash windfall that arrives in June to bankroll the project!

Don’t delay when a health woe has you troubled in November. It’ll clear up quickly but only if you listen to the doctor!

The Gemini full moon on Dec. 7 has you eager to socialize and hit the town for holiday shopping where bargains abound.

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