Cash windfall heading your way


SPONTANEIT­Y is part of your charm, Archer, but try to rein in spur-of-themoment spending at the beginning of the year to afford better adventures ahead!

A Valentine’s Day surprise sparks passion for coupled-up Sags, but if you’re single, it may lead to an awkward situation with a secret admirer. Be gentle but firm — this is not your true love!

July creates a chance to switch careers or improve your living situation and the planets are aligned for a smooth transition. Go for it!

October brings a medical scare but relax. By Halloween you’re more frightened of scary costumes than your physical state. Whew!

An old friend arrives with the new moon in your sign Nov. 23 — and that’s just what you need to get in the holiday spirit!

Buy a lottery ticket or enter a contest in December and you may be ringing in the new year with a pocket full of cash!

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