Be good to yourself but avoid bickering


GOATS begin the year feeling a deep need to be a caretaker and that leads you to look after everyone but yourself! Speak freely about your own wants and needs in February when the planets ensure you will be heard!

Finding the humor is the secret to navigating a difficult situation in June, and the Cancerian new moon offers insights that help you do it!

Don’t fret about finances in summer when it seems your family budget is stretched to breaking point. A windfall is heading your way that will ease difficult circumstan­ces before the autumn leaves change.

Mars retrograde in late October leads to a misunderst­anding with a friend or partner. Apologize quickly or you could turn a loving relationsh­ip into a lifelong grudge.

Plan a festive event for your nearest and dearest in December. Its success will give you confidence to take on new challenges in the new year!

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