FIRST gas and oil, now a cream cheese shortage is plaguing America, with bagel shops and cheesecake factories in New York City and other areas running out of the tasty spread! Experts blame the crisis on truckers, not cows.

KENTUCKY hairdresse­r Gara Sullivan, 29, swears she fell asleep after a boozy holiday party and woke to discover her pet guinea pig, Dixie, chewed off her hair in a “jealous” rage.

SHRIEK of Araby! More than 40 camels were tossed from a Saudi animal beauty contest offering a $65 million prize when the critters’ rulebreaki­ng plastic surgery, muscle enhancemen­ts and Botox injections were exposed!

OGDEN, Utah, mom Ana Oosterhous­e’s hairdo was turned into a torch by a birthday cake at a joint bash for seven-year-old son Hunter. Ana, 34, escaped serious injury — except to her pride.

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