VICE President Mike Pence is settling old scores — and growing a pair — after spending four years cowering in Donald Trump’s shadow, political insiders dish!

The former veep is now secretly feeding damning inside informatio­n on corruption, money and the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill Coup to criminal investigat­ors to torpedo Trump’s planned

2024 presidenti­al run, sources tell GLOBE.

The 63-year-old former Indiana governor put up with being humiliated, bullied and betrayed by the Trump White House and now is relishing his time for revenge — and his new status as the hero who thwarted the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill Coup, say insiders.

Beltway insider and political columnist Alex Stein believes Pence is hell-bent on torpedoing Trump after congressio­nal hearings showed the president did nothing while a mob of his MAGA supporters prowled the halls of the Capitol Building howling for his veep’s head.

Now Pence “sees blood in the water,” says Stein, who insists Pence is maneuverin­g to win the GOP presidenti­al nomination in 2024. “This is more than revenge.” Washington insiders believe Pence’s public victimizat­ion — and the subsequent praise for defying his boss — has provided him with unpreceden­ted support from both sides of the aisle!

Indeed, Jan. 6 committee chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, opened the hearings saying, “We are fortunate for Mike Pence’s courage on Jan. 6.”

A source claims “Trump tried to make Mike set aside the Constituti­on to overturn the election and he said NO!

“Now he’s being hailed as a hero by Democrats and Republican­s alike! There’s no BETTER time for him to run — and bury Trump in the process!”

Joe Gutheinz, with the Republican National Lawyers Associatio­n, notes Pence’s legal adviser Greg Jacob testified the vice president braved Trump’s anger and a raging lynch mob to “uphold the Constituti­on.” “Jacob was used to brand Trump a villain and Pence a white knight defending the American political system,”

according to Gutheinz. “Meanwhile, his team has been continuall­y funneling damaging details of Trump’s efforts to question the election that are meant to derail his comeback run.”

Shocking revelation­s from the hearings included relentless pressure by Trump DEMANDING Pence declare electoral votes from states he lost invalid and proclaim his boss the winner on Jan. 6, 2021 — despite no apparent constituti­onal authority to do so!

According to shocking testimony, Trump humiliated Pence telling him: “You can either go down in history as a patriot — or you can go down in history as a pussy!”

Nicholas Luna, then Trump’s personal assistant, recalled the president calling Pence a “wimp” for not following his demands! And since word of the insult broke, Trump has insisted he never called his veep a “pussy.”

But evidence indicates the president may have endangered Pence’s life by having the White House put out a false statement indicating the vice president agreed he had the authority to throw out the votes — leaving the impression he simply refused to pull the trigger on Jan. 6!

The committee says Trump’s actions were like hanging raw meat in front of the advancing Capitol mob, which reportedly drew within 40 feet of the vice president as they chillingly chanted: “Bring out Pence!” and “Hang Mike Pence!”

Trump’s history of publicly humiliatin­g his vice president tracks back to the earliest days of his administra­tion in 2017 when he allowed a clueless Pence to tell the press that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn had not discussed lifting economic sanctions on Putin’s Russia — when, in fact, he had!

“That set the tone,” a government source dishes. “He needed Pence to make deals in Congress and bring in cash from fundraiser­s — but he never filled him in on critical decisions!”

Despite the constant humiliatio­ns and being forced to grovel in public, Pence continued to defend his boss publicly, always playing the good soldier, sources say.

But political experts say Pence now intends to use the hearings to further HIS plans for a presidenti­al run.

“Pence didn’t testify because he didn’t want to look like he was slamming his former boss for his own benefit,” Gutheinz says. “But plenty of other people did it for him — whether it was feeding the investigat­ors damaging details about Trump or painting the vice president as a hero.

“Pence comes out smelling like a rose and a leading candidate for president in 2024!”

 ?? ?? Mike Pence is secretly funneling damaging details about
Jan. 6 to thwart his old boss’ 2024 White House run, sources say
A mob howled for Pence’s head during the attack on the Capitol
Mike Pence is secretly funneling damaging details about Jan. 6 to thwart his old boss’ 2024 White House run, sources say A mob howled for Pence’s head during the attack on the Capitol
 ?? ?? Alex Stein
Alex Stein
 ?? ?? Joe Gutheinz
Joe Gutheinz
 ?? ?? Greg Jacob
Greg Jacob
 ?? ?? Trump assistant Nicholas Luna said the president called Pence a “wimp”
Trump assistant Nicholas Luna said the president called Pence a “wimp”

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