Bravo chatterbox ANDY COHEN, 54, can change his tune faster than Pavarotti, especially when he gets splashed with a big bucket of salty backlash! It all started when he heard Real Housewives of Salt Lake City spitfire JEN SHAH, accused of ripping off hundreds of mostly elderly victims in a telemarket­ing scheme, admitted in court she was GUILTY! “All it means is she’s changing her plea,” explained Andy, before weirdly gushing the disgraced reality star sent a present for his newborn baby daughter. “I was like, ‘Jen Shah, with everything you have going on, that you thought to send Lucy a gift.’ I just thought that was so nice of her.” Uh-huh. But just two days later, after a brutal online firestorm, Andy did an about-face. “I’m upset, and

I’m especially upset for her

victims.” Go on. “I’m extremely upset what she did, I’m also upset because, frankly, you get to know someone and you get to like them,” he prattled, explaining when “the news about Jen Shah pleading guilty broke, I didn’t have time to react, process it.” Ready to eyeroll? Thought so!

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