Ken Jennings waits in wings


MANIC Mayim Bialik vows Jeopardy! execs will have to drag her off the show kicking and screaming if they try to give her hosting gig to rival

Ken Jennings, spies dish.

The brainy former Big Bang Theory star has hosted fulltime since part-timer Jennings left indefinite­ly in May — but she senses he’s still the “favored one,” say sources.

“She’s feeling threatened by Ken more than ever,” spills an insider. “He’s supposed to be on hiatus, but bosses are dangling him in front of the fans and pitting him and Mayim against each other. It burns her that everyone is making it look like audiences want Ken.”

Mayim’s feeling she’s being played for a fool, the spy claims.

“She has a degree in neuroscien­ce and she’s not going to be a part of their mean mind games,” dishes the mole.

Ken, 48, and Mayim, 46, were tabbed as alternate hosts to replace beloved Alex Trebek, who died at age 80 following a long battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer on Nov. 8, 2020. But as GLOBE previously reported, Plain Jane Mayim’s bad jokes and dowdy outfits are turning off fans.

Meanwhile, Jennings, who lives in Seattle with his wife, Mindy, and their kids, Dylan,

19, and Caitlin, 15, has been keeping track of Mayim’s blunders since he walked away two months ago.

“Mayim’s sick and tired of smug Ken laughing at her while sitting in the sidelines during his break,” tattles the insider.

 ?? ?? Bialik and
Jennings alternated as Jeopardy! hosts until
Bialik and Jennings alternated as Jeopardy! hosts until May
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Alex Trebek

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