MICHAEL DOUGLAS and Glenn Close play illicit lovers whose affair flies off the rails and results in revenge bunny-boiling — and worse — in the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. The script clearly points to an ending where the spurned woman — “I’m not gonna be ignored!” — commits suicide and pegs it on the married man who ignored her. But test audiences wanted more oomph, so the movie was released with a famously reshot ending featuring a drowning, back-from-the-dead knife attack and fatal gunshot that created a smash hit!

CORONAVIRU­S can survive on frozen meat and fish for 30 days. In a new study published in Applied and Environmen­tal Microbiolo­gy, researcher­s found the virus can last longer in freezer temperatur­es than refrigerat­ed temperatur­es.

WEEDKILLER is found in a majority of people’s urine. The CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examinatio­n

Survey reports the common weed killer glyphosate in the urine samples of 80 percent of 2,300 people tested — including kids as young as six! The EPA says glyphosate does not pose a serious health risk and is “not likely” to cause cancer.

PLAYBOY President Grover Cleveland was the only chief executive to get married in the White House. He wed 21-yearold Frances Folsom in June 1886.

VERMONT has the most sugar maple trees in the United States. The state is also the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup, producing over 2 million gallons in 2020!

THE WORLD’s largest ice cream cone producer started in 1918 with one hand-operated cone oven. Now, Joy Cone Co. produces more than 2 billion treats each year with three U.S. locations in Pennsylvan­ia, Iowa and Arizona and another one in Mexico City, Mexico.

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