- — Gillian G. Gaar

GM: Goldmine is a record collecting magazine, so our readers would be very interested in hearing about your own record collection. How many records/recordings do you have in your collection? How are they stored?

EJ: I have over 120,000 CDS and 15,000 pieces of vinyl. They are stored in my home shelves so I can access whatever I want, whenever I want.

GM: What was the first record you bought?

EJ: One of the first records I bought was “Secret Love”/“deadwood Stage” by Doris Day. My mother bought it for me as a reward for going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. I sold all of my very first vinyl collection in 1989/90 to raise money so I could set up the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

GM: What’s the most valuable/unusual record/recording you own?

EJ: An original pressing of the very first Beatles album (Please Please Me) on the black and gold Parlophone label.

GM: What are some of the most unusual items in your collection?

EJ: My most unusual item of vinyl is called “Crepitatio­n Contest” by Lord Windespher­e & Mr. Paul Boomer.

GM: Do you have a preferred format? (45, LP, CD, tape, etc.)

EJ: I definitely prefer LPS.

GM: What’s on your wish list?

EJ: Any vinyl by Lewis Taylor. There is nothing available from him on vinyl at the moment.

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