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With a num­ber of new fair­way woods hit­ting the mar­ket in 2017, one that is get­ting a lot of at­ten­tion for its per­for­mance is the newly-re­leased XJ1 by Tour Edge. Con­tain­ing many of the tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vances ear­lier re­leased in the com­pany’s driver of the same name, the Tour Edge XJ1 Fair­way is one of the light­est of its kind ever pro­duced at 286 grams (270 grams for the ladies’ ver­sion).

Hit­ting this club from off the fair­way or tee­ing it up as a more ac­cu­rate driver, it de­liv­ers ex­cep­tional dis­tance and driver-like dis­tances in a more com­pact pack­age.

Tests show that with the ul­tra-light 45-gram Fu­jikura AIR SPEEDER shaft—which is 25-30 grams lighter than the typ­i­cal fair­way wood shaft— cou­pled with the lighter head, pro­duce a no­table in­crease in swing speed and ball speed for greater dis­tances than some driv­ers pro­duce.

The XJ1 fair­way wood’s light­weight body al­lows most of the weight in the club to be in the sole for im­proved tra­jec­tory. The heavy Tung­sten sole holds 124-grams, two-thirds of the en­tire mass of the club­head. The added weight gen­er­ates high launch an­gels and pro­duces a low cen­ter of grav­ity for ex­tremely easy to hit shots from any lie with op­ti­mal re­sults. The Tour Edge R&D team uti­lized combo braz­ing in the XJ1 fair­way woods to ad­here the ti­ta­nium body to the tung­sten sole. Ex­pe­ri­ence dic­tated that combo braz­ing was the most ef­fec­tive method to com­bine the two materials and main­tain the Tour Edge level of qual­ity con­trol.

The XJ1 face tech­nol­ogy fea­tures SP 700 Beta Ti­ta­nium to cre­ate su­per high C.O.R., all over the face for im­pres­sive dis­tance gains. The face is laser bonded to the body for con­sis­tent weight­ing along the seams and al­low­ing for a larger face. Dou­ble V vari­able face thick­ness (VFT) tech­nol­ogy of­fers mul­ti­ple lev­els of thick­ness that max­i­mizes the spring like ef­fect from more points on the face. By thin­ning and thick­en­ing the face, the V-shapes pro­duce a pow­er­ful launch for ex­plo­sive dis­tance, even on off-cen­ter hits.

Like its driver big brother, the XJ1 fair­ways are de­signed for the av­er­age player with an easy feel and the light weight. This is a club that you don’t have to hit hard to get good re­sults from. The new ul­tra­lightweight 9-1-1 ti­ta­nium body and a heavy tung­sten sole com­bine to give per­for­mance and an ex­plo­sive sound at im­pact. The fair­way wood body is con­structed en­tirely of the brand new 9-1-1 ti­ta­nium which is re­mark­ably light, 10 per­cent lighter than 6A4v ti­ta­nium, al­low­ing en­gi­neers to save sig­nif­i­cant weight in the body. The un­prece­dented strength of 9-1-1 en­ables it to be thin­ner and more re­ac­tive, even at lower swing speeds.

Ac­cord­ing to David Glod, the founder of Tour Edge Golf, the XJ1 fair­ways were in­tended to use the most ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies for th­ese new clubs.

“I am thrilled that the XJ1 fair­way woods per­form bet­ter for all golfers, but es­pe­cially for low to mid swing speed play­ers,” he noted. “Fi­nally, an ad­vanced tech­no­log­i­cal club, with the Ex­otics stamp of ap­proval, that im­proves the game for those who need it most.”

Tech­ni­cians of the XJ1 fair­way woods also in­cluded a 12-gram tung­sten screw in the heel po­si­tioned strate­gi­cally for draw en­hance­ment and faster re­lease of the club head through im­pact. Ad­di­tional weights are avail­able in a kit; 10, 14, 16 grams.

The XJ1 fair­way wood is avail­able in 3-wood (15 de­gree), 4-wood (17 de­gree), 5-wood (18 de­gree), and 7-wood (21 de­gree), right hand only.

For more in­for­ma­tion on the Tour Edge XJ1 fair­way woods: www.touredge.com

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