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Live View Golf Dig­i­tal Swing Mir­ror

One of the more unique and use­ful tools to hit the mar­ket re­cently to im­prove one’s golf game very quickly is not a new club or golf ball. It is one of the small­est dig­i­tal cam­eras on the mar­ket to­day and its ac­com­pa­ny­ing soft­ware that can make prac­tice ses­sions more pro­duc­tive and valu­able than ever be­fore.

The Live View Golf Dig­i­tal Swing Mir­ror (DSM™) uti­lizes two old con­cepts with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy to give play­ers some­thing that they can use in­side, on the driv­ing range or even on a trip to help im­prove their swing and keep all as­pects of it in synch.

First of all, mir­rors have been used by teach­ers and golf stu­dents for many years, as have video cam­eras. But mir­rors are bulky and frag­ile, cer­tainly don’t record any­thing by them­selves and aren’t some­thing you are go­ing to lug around in a golf bag. Video is avail­able on your smart­phone these days, but it has its lim­i­ta­tions and cer­tainly doesn’t match what the Live View Golf soft­ware can do. The Live View cam­era is less than 4” high, 2½” wide and ¾” deep and comes in a handy car­ry­ing case that eas­ily fits in a walk­ing golf bag—or a pocket, while the op­tional LivPod flex­i­ble tri­pod stand for the cam­era is equally small but can be used to mount the cam­era on your golf bag, a door han­dle or even on top of a chair. The cam­era also has a bracket so that it can be mounted on an align­ment stake punched in the ground, if de­sired. The op­tional wide-an­gle lens at­tach­ment opens even more pos­si­bil­i­ties, es­pe­cially when prac­tic­ing in­doors and space is at a pre­mium.

But for all the in­no­va­tive de­sign of the cam­era—the best part of Live View is the App--and what it can show you about your swing. The cam­era can be paired with an iPhone or An­droid smart­phone— or even bet­ter yet, an iPad or Kin­dle for a larger view­ing sur­face.

With these in place, you can prac­tice part of your swing while watch­ing your­self (just like in a mir­ror) from any an­gle, record your swings (and even email them to an in­struc­tor) and watch your swing frame-by-frame with this ex­cel­lent pro­pri­etary soft­ware.

Ac­cord­ing to Pa­trick Par­rish, co-founder of Live View Golf and 30-year teach­ing veteran, the rea­son most golfers fail to break 100, 90, or 80 has noth­ing to do with a lack of knowl­edge. In­stead, what most golfers lack is aware­ness of their own move­ments. Be­cause much of the golf swing hap­pens be­hind a player’s back, it is al­most im­pos­si­ble to know if the ob­jec­tive of mak­ing a par­tic­u­lar swing is be­ing met. In order to change a player’s swing, it is im­per­a­tive to mon­i­tor each move­ment to en­sure that the in­tended swing matches the ac­tual swing. James Sieck­mann, a Golf Mag­a­zine top 100/ Golf Di­gest Top 50 In­struc­tor and au­thor of sev­eral golf in­struc­tion books, notes that “The fun­da­men­tal prob­lem in golf is the dif­fer­ence be­tween what a player feels and what is real...” And one quick view with this pro­gram can show what needs to be cor­rected very quickly.

To bridge the gap be­tween feel and real, a key learn­ing tool for many elite play­ers is the mir­ror. Be­cause the feed­back in a mir­ror is in­stan­ta­neous, play­ers can ver­ify the real club po­si­tion against their in­ter­nal swing feel and make very fine dis­tinc­tions as to what the in­tended swing po­si­tion re­ally feels like. This “real” feel­ing is what en­ables elite play­ers to strike a ball cor­rectly and con­sis­tently in ac­tual play.

The app also pro­vides ad­di­tional ben­e­fits by trans­fer­ring swing anal­y­sis tools back into the live video feed, thereby cre­at­ing tem­plates that make learn­ing a new swing as sim­ple as trac­ing lines and match­ing body po­si­tions. Live View Golf is a very por­ta­ble so­lu­tion to greatly ac­cel­er­ate swing changes by in­creas­ing body aware­ness dur­ing the swing. The app has Live Swing Guides that al­low the player to draw plane lines or sta­tion­ary posts that can be used in the live feed as pre­cise ref­er­ence for the in­tended swing. These swing guides can act as tem­plates, mak­ing the learn­ing process as sim­ple as fol­low­ing and match­ing the lines.

Live View can help play­ers stay in their pos­ture since the view­ing de­vice places the view di­rectly be­hind the strike zone so that the player does not loose pos­ture to look back into a mir­ror. Be­cause the cam­era can show the swing from any an­gle, it gives the player aware­ness over their move­ments from any an­gle while stay­ing in pos­ture.

“Live View Golf is a great tool for stu­dents to as­so­ciate a feel with what they see and are work­ing on with their coach,” said Dave Phillips, one of the founders of the Titleist Per­for­mance In­sti­tute and a Top 100 Teacher for Golf Mag­a­zine.

To learn more visit: www.live­view­golf.com

Shot Scope

Golf soft­ware that tracks shots is among the new­est tech­nolo­gies to help player per­for­mance, and the in­tro­duc­tion of the Shot Scope V2 pro­gram takes this to a new level with its se­cond-gen­er­a­tion golf wear­able that tracks ev­ery­thing—shots, club se­lec­tion and dis­tance for each club with­out hav­ing to use a cell phone with it or punch­ing a but­ton on each shot.

While most of the soft­ware on the mar­ket de­mands the use of a cell phone dur­ing the round, the V2 can be used with only the GPS watch as the track­ing de­vice. The nice thing about Shot Scope is that there is an app to use on the cell phone if de­sired, but with some play­ers not want­ing to use them dur­ing the round (or a club may not al­low them)—this de­vice and its soft­ware can be used per­fectly with only the watch—and then up­load­ing all of the data onto a com­puter, phone or tablet af­ter the round to study and show ev­ery shot on an over­head photo course map with all of the haz­ards, greens and tees clearly shown. The only ac­tion re­quired

by the user is to tap the watch af­ter each hole out.

Shot Scope’s in-house en­gi­neers have de­vel­oped a prod­uct that meets the needs of the mod­ern golfer while re­tain­ing the com­pany’s trade­mark au­to­matic club recog­ni­tion tech­nol­ogy and de­tailed per­for­mance statis­tics us­ing a chip that eas­ily plugs into the butt of ev­ery club.

The V2 has three modes to suit the golfer’s play­ing re­quire­ments, GPS; PRO; and GPS+TRACK; each mode has been de­signed for ul­ti­mate flex­i­bil­ity. In both GPS and GPS+TRACK modes, the LCD screen dis­plays dis­tances to the front, mid­dle and back of the green from the golfer’s real-time po­si­tion us­ing SMART GPS.

Per­for­mance Track­ing is ac­ti­vated in both PRO and GPS+TRACK modes. The watch works in the back­ground to col­lect over 100 Tour-level statis­tics, bro­ken down into five ar­eas: clubs, tee shots, ap­proaches, short game and putting. The watch has a bat­tery life of 8 hours. Per­for­mance statis­tics of this cal­iber have pre­vi­ously only been avail­able to Tour play­ers. Graphs, sta­tis­ti­cal anal­y­sis and any in­for­ma­tion on your game is avail­able on the pro­gram dash­board that man­ages all the golfer data.

The V2 uses Shot Scope’s pro­pri­etary course map­ping data which is com­piled, and qual­ity checked by a team of elite golfers, and the com­pany notes that ev­ery course in the world is avail­able to down­load into the watch.

Shot Scope Tech­nolo­gies was founded in 2014 by CEO David Hunter. Hunter, a for­mer elec­tron­ics de­sign en­gi­neer and se­condary school teacher, in­vented the prod­uct in his house. Now a team of 17 based in Ed­in­burg. The com­pany has de­signed, en­gi­neered and man­u­fac­tured the prod­uct in Scot­land, bring­ing golf tech­nol­ogy to The Home of Golf. The team also in­cludes for­mer Walker Cup player and ex-pro­fes­sional golfer, Gavin Dear.

To learn more visit www.shotscope.com

Galvin Green Hy­brid Jacket

Galvin Green, known for its func­tional, yet high-per­for­mance golf ap­parel, has in­tro­duced a new lineup of ver­sa­tile out­wear called the In­ter­face-1™ hy­brid jacket cat­e­gory— that comes in some very ap­peal­ing colors, styles and per­forms as good as it looks.

This ex­tremely light and com­fort­able lineup that fea­tures the world-renowned GORE-TEX® wa­ter-proof fab­ric, fea­tures an ath­letic fit in a gar­ment that pro­tects from the el­e­ments while on the golf course.

As part of Galvin Green’s shell layer cat­e­gory, the In­ter­face-1 is ex­cep­tion­ally soft and in­cor­po­rates stretch el­e­ments to move freely with the body for ul­ti­mate range of mo­tion. Uti­liz­ing in­no­va­tive fab­ric tech­nolo­gies, In­ter­face-1 jack­ets are com­pletely wind­proof, wa­ter re­pel­lant and ex­tremely breath­able.

“The mis­sion was to cre­ate a group of prod­ucts that could be worn by golfers in 95 of 100 rounds they play, so they can en­joy play­ing the game more of­ten in dif­fer­ent weather con­di­tions,” ex­plained Chris­tian Nils­son, CEO of Galvin Green. “We set out to find new fab­rics and de­sign qual­ity gar­ments that will act as gen­uine per­for­mance-en­hanc­ing equip­ment when called upon out on the course. The lat­est In­ter­face-1 jack­ets are in a class of their own when it comes to reg­u­lar play­ing con­di­tions.”

Avail­able within the 2018 Part I Col­lec­tion in seven styles and eight color vari­a­tions, the In­ter­face-1 men’s range is high­lighted by the LANCE full-zip jacket, with a sleeve pocket made from 100% polyester stretch fab­ric and a PU mem­brane. Ad­di­tion­ally, the LARS short-sleeve full-zip fea­tures a dis­tinc­tive pat­tern on the sleeves and across the back. The LARRY full-zip jacket com­bines a soft Polyamide fab­ric with pre­mium Pri­maLoft® pad­ding, matched with a wa­ter re­pel­lent fin­ish, while the LO­GAN full-zip vest with chest pocket pro­vides ex­cel­lent pro­tec­tion from the el­e­ments with sim­i­lar Pri­maLoft® pad­ding.

Round­ing out the col­lec­tion are the women’s of­fer­ings fea­tur­ing the LARA full-zip jacket with con­trast­ing up­per body in­serts and elas­ti­cated bot­tom and cuffs. The LUNA vest and LEIA full-zip jacket fea­ture stylish clean lines with con­trast­ing col­lars and cuffs, plus two front pock­ets and draw­string ad­justers at the bot­tom edge.

Based in Swe­den, Galvin Green is a pure golf brand that de­vel­oped the sport’s first ap­parel lay­er­ing sys­tem--the Multi-Layer Con­cept-- more than a decade ago. This dis­tinc­tive ap­proach uses lead­ing-edge fab­ric tech­nolo­gies to en­sure the dry com­fort, ther­mal reg­u­la­tion and outer pro­tec­tion that helps play­ers op­ti­mize per­for­mance.

Galvin Green is a fam­ily-owned busi­ness founded in 1990 and its prod­ucts--in­clud­ing pre­mium out­er­wear, tops, bot­toms and ac­ces­sories--are avail­able for pur­chase at bet­ter green grass shops and golf-spe­cialty re­tail lo­ca­tions in more than 20 coun­tries.

Galvin Green is the Of­fi­cial Team Sup­plier of out­er­wear for the 2018 Euro­pean Ry­der Cup Team. Through this part­ner­ship, the com­pany will pro­vide its pre­mium wa­ter­proof gar­ments to the cap­tains, vice cap­tains, team mem­bers and their cad­dies dur­ing the matches at Le Golf Na­tional in the fall of 2018.

For more in­for­ma­tion about Galvin Green cloth­ing visit: www.Galv­inGreen.com

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