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Break­through Golf Tech­nol­ogy

When most peo­ple think about im­prov­ing their putting, the last thing they usu­ally think about is the shaft on their flat stick. But then Bar­ney Adams is not like most peo­ple. The iconic founder of the Tight Lies fair­way wood, who rev­o­lu­tion­ized the de­sign of that club more than 20 years ago, sees things that most peo­ple don’t, and his lat­est ven­ture looks like it could leave its mark on the very un­der­served in­dus­try of find­ing a bet­ter shaft for put­ters.

Break­through Golf Tech­nol­ogy, a new com­pany that Adams is bring­ing to the fore­front of the golf equip­ment in­dus­try, is the pro­ducer of the Sta­bil­ity shaft—a rev­o­lu­tion­ary put­ter shaft that uses a sci­en­tif­i­cally ad­vanced multi-ma­te­rial de­sign as op­posed to steel-with ge­ome­tries never be­fore used in a put­ter shaft. The Sta­bil­ity shaft has a unique look, a more solid feel than a tra­di­tional steel put­ter shaft and de­liv­ers the face more squarely at im­pact for im­proved ac­cu­racy. It has a more solid feel and lower launch for a pre­dictable roll, re­sult­ing in bet­ter dis­tance con­trol.

“When I first learned about the prod­uct I knew that it could be sig­nif­i­cant. It’s a step for­ward in golf equip­ment tech­nol­ogy,” said Adams, who runs the com­pany as its CEO. “... re­search had un­cov­ered a ba­sic flaw in steel shafts, which can be de­scribed as ex­ces­sive weights of put­ter heads vs. put­ter shafts. Specif­i­cally, that they re­sponded with os­cil­la­tion dur­ing the stroke. Be­cause of this ‘wob­ble’ the head didn’t re­turn to the ball in a per­fectly square po­si­tion and the abil­ity to achieve a con­sis­tent roll.

“What has been re­ward­ing for me is that the Sta­bil­ity Shaft works bet­ter for am­a­teurs. Pros are great put­ters and while the shaft does help them, it’s the in­con­sis­tency of the am­a­teur that it cor­rects most”.

He went on to ex­plain that the av­er­age player will get a higher ‘Smash Fac­tor’ and hit the club­face more con­sis­tently and ul­ti­mately make more putts. It’s a per­fect syn­ergy of tech­nol­ogy and ma­te­ri­als to im­prove putting per­for­mance.

This per­for­mance was ex­haus­tively tested with hun­dreds of put­ters us­ing state-of-the-art high-speed cam­eras, ro­bots, SAM Putt Lab, Quin­tic Ball Roll soft­ware and Track­man4. The re­sult was to rein­vent the put­ter shaft from the ground up with a feel that is very re­spon­sive and an over­all re­sult that pro­motes a more even putting stroke.

There are four ba­sic in­gre­di­ents to the Sta­bil­ity shaft that work in con­cert to help im­prove most play­ers’ ac­cu­racy. BGT calls this ‘Ad­vanced Ma­te­ri­als In­te­gra­tion’™, and they in­clude eight lay­ers of high mod­u­lus car­bon fiber specif­i­cally lay­ered, wrapped and widened, with a no-ta­per de­sign to greatly re­duce torque; a lightweight 22g alu­minum in­sert was de­vel­oped and pre­cisely lo­cated to re­in­force flex­u­ral rigid­ity and a 7075-alu­minum con­nec­tor is in­serted that helps to stiffen and re­in­force. This ver­sa­til­ity allows at­tach­ment to vir­tu­ally any tip di­am­e­ter of any put­ter, re­gard­less of the bend pro­file. Lastly, the stain­less-steel tips have ex­tremely con­sis­tent wall thick­nesses for su­pe­rior strength and are coated with a smoke PVD fin­ish to add pro­tec­tion from cor­ro­sion and rust­ing.

The com­pany re­ports that just about any type of put­ter can be fit­ted with the Sta­bil­ity Shaft, and it helps with vir­tu­ally ev­ery kind of stroke, in­clud­ing straight-back straight-through, arc path—and test­ing has shown im­prove­ment for low, mid and high hand­i­cap play­ers. Tour play­ers—in­clud­ing a ma­jor cham­pion—have been tested with the shaft and even they have found ben­e­fits.

The Sta­bil­ity Shaft is avail­able from golf re­tail­ers in the US and Canada.

To learn more visit www.break­through­golftech.com

Un­der Ar­mour Sun­glasses

Acom­pany known for its ath­letic per­for­mance ap­parel is now branch­ing out into the golf sun­glass arena this sum­mer as Un­der Ar­mour in­tro­duces its Tuned™ Golf sports-spe­cific lens that has some new ben­e­fits for play­ers both dur­ing and af­ter the round.

These fash­ion­able shades pro­vide sev­eral ben­e­fits for the avid golfer, in­clud­ing height­ened con­trast and im­proved depth per­cep­tion. Ad­vanced color def­i­ni­tion allows golfers to read the course more pre­cisely and to eas­ily iden­tify and track the ball. They have a

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