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What’s next for Greenwich Red Hats?

- David Rafferty David Rafferty is a Greenwich resident.

In tdhe reality we live in, we’re surrounded by hyperventi­lating typically, but not always, right-wing low-informatio­n dolts proudly informing us they’ve “done the research” on the latest conspiracy theories and mock outrages ginned up by Fox News and the constellat­ion of even worse alleged “news” sources, designed to capitalize and profit on the outrage they’re stoking.

They’ve “done the research” on everything from vaccines to immigratio­n to chemtrails, and the most remarkable thing may well be how staggering­ly wrong they are so much of the time. Remarkable, but unsurprisi­ng, considerin­g the lousy sources they use for said “research.” And it should come as no surprise that more often than not, the results of doing that research leads bigots, homophobes, white supremacis­ts, science-deniers, and other random deplorable­s to magically discover exactly the prejudicia­l outcomes they were looking for in the first place.

Take for example, the not insignific­ant number of Americans who do “the research” and determine America is too open-minded, diverse and tolerant for them, and decide that picking up and moving to Russia is a good idea. Yes, emigration from the United States (plus one recently famous Canadian family that moved because they couldn’t abide having to look at a rainbow Pride flag in their neighborho­od) to Russia is a real thing. It may be slowing down some because of the whole “indiscrimi­nate murdering of Ukrainians” thing but still, hundreds of families every year look at Comrade Putin and his repressive, dictatoria­l regime and decide, yep, Russia > America.

Which makes me wonder, now that the Greenwich Red Hat Republican Town Committee leadership has been told their brand of politics is no longer welcome, you have to wonder how they’ll abide living here. I mean, they’ve spent so much energy trying to convince us Greenwich is doomed and needs saving. Because in case you missed it, the RTC held its elections for officers recently and the entire slate of Red Hats was dumped. Some didn’t run, but those who did, lost. One couldn’t even take a hint and lost twice.

That two-time loser? Previous Vice Chairman Joe Montenaro, who after losing his race for the chairmansh­ip, gave us the chefs-kiss quotable moment that encapsulat­ed everything that is wrong about all of the Red Hat goon squad. “We’re on the right side of history,” he huffed, going on to say that “the media” and “the Democrats” were “the enemy.” Joe also patted himself on the back for having “the fortitude to stand up.” Good for him for having the fortitude to stand up. Now he needs the courage to sit down. He lost. They all lost. And Greenwich is better for it today than it was in March.

Neverthele­ss, let’s not forget the “enemy” part of his rant which, keep in mind, he thought would be a good motivator for winning votes for his unsuccessf­ul second, vice chair election. The enemy. That’s what he called his neighbors. The families he sees in the grocery store and the school pick up line. With a blanket denounceme­nt, he declared over half the town of Greenwich to be “the enemy.”

Even Abraham Lincoln in the depths of the Civil War tried at all costs to avoid calling Confederat­e traitors and succession­ists “the enemy,” believing that ultimately we were all brothers, just with different points of view. But Joe? He comes by his nihilism honestly as he and the rest of his Red Hat squad, who have hopefully been relegated to the dustbin of local Greenwich history, all drink from the same poisoned well of Donald Trump, where anyone who doesn’t join his cult must be an enemy.

So, what’s next for Joe and the gang? Will they still have to live here with their enemies? In a town where they’ve decided our schools are Marxist-atheist hellholes, littered with groomer teachers? Where they may have to see a rainbow flag once in a while, and recognize that not everyone looks like them, thinks like them or believes their faux patriotic, anti-American, divisive garbage?

Maybe instead, its das vedanya for our excommunic­ated local Red Hats. We’ve done the research, and homesteadi­ng in Putin’s Paradise certainly sounds in line with their politics. Then we really can be enemies.

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