Only two du­pli­cate games re­main

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The YWCA will not be hold­ing its weekly du­pli­cate game due to the hol­i­days on Mon­days Dec. 24, and Dec. 31. This means that there are only two du­pli­cates re­main­ing on the cal­en­dar — Dec. 10 and Dec. 17 — leav­ing only those two dates to re­solve the win­ner of this year’s “Player of the Year” con­test.

When the fi­nal month of play be­gan, de­fend­ing cham­pion Terry Lub­man had edged ahead of Leia Berla, who had led the race for most of the year, by four-tenths of a per­cent­age point. The re­main­ing three games — in­clud­ing the one held this past week — will thus de­ter­mine the fi­nal out­come.

To­day’s quiz: Here is an­other in the cur­rent se­ries of quizzes on in­ter­pret­ing part­ner’s bids. In this prob­lem, you are given an auc­tion ac­com­pa­nied by three hands, only one of which could fit the bid­ding shown (you are not given your own hand). Ap­ply­ing the prin­ci­ples of stan­dard bid­ding, which of the three hands does part­ner have?

The bid­ding: Op­po­nent-1D; Part­ner-Dou­ble. Part­ner could hold:

a) S A5 H KQ D AQ10963 C 962

b) S Q842 H AJ5 D 62 C AQ87

c) S 62 H KQ94 D Q83 C AQJ3

An­swer: Part­ner’s dou­ble is for take­out, an­nounc­ing a hand of ap­prox­i­mately open­ing strength or bet­ter and guar­an­tee­ing sup­port (three cards or more) for each of the un­bid suits. As such, the dou­ble de­mands that you re­spond in the un­bid suit in which you hold the most cards, re­gard­less of how weak your hand might be. Of the three choices given, only hand b) fits this de­scrip­tion and is there­fore the cor­rect an­swer. With hand a), al­though part­ner might dearly want to make a penalty dou­ble of one di­a­mond, he could not do so since you would have no way of know­ing his true in­ten­tion and would take the dou­ble out by bid­ding your long­est suit, thereby res­cu­ing the op­po­nent and get­ting your side in trou­ble. Since part­ner should not wish to take the op­po­nents out of the fry­ing pan and put your side in the fire, the only proper ac­tion with the hand shown would be to pass.

Part­ner could not dou­ble with hand c) ei­ther since it does not con­tain sup­port for spades, a suit you might very well name in re­sponse to a dou­ble. Lack­ing the five-card suit needed for a sim­ple over­call, and the point count for a one notrump over­call, the only cor­rect ac­tion with this hand would be to pass.

The week’s du­pli­cate re­sults:

Green­wich YWCA weekly open du­pli­cate: North-South,

1. Mau­reen Smith-Bar­bara Thomp­son, 2. Judy Crys­talBar­bie McKelvey, 3. Grant Perkins-Bruno Schrage, 4. Wayne De Vries-Mar­tin Waine; East-West, 1. Cyn­thia Bom­pey-Ruth Chizzini, 2. Dave Bab­son-Dorothea Bell­fiore, 3. Kath­leen Fran­cisLes­lie Pet­rick, 4. Mary Al­bertell-Karen Her­sh­berg.

Cen­tral Green­wich Bridge Club weekly du­pli­cate, 11/30: North-South, 1. Dave Bab­sonDorothea Bel­lafiore, 2. James Chung-Ginny Wolff, 3. Sandy and Kurt Schaf­fir; East-West,

1. Bar­bara Bel­lafiore-Holly Pas­tula, 2. Bob DriessenDean Goss, 3. Joyce Beach-Pat Riggs.

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