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MAKE: Lancer-Sys­tems


CHOICES: Opaque or translu­cent; 5-, 10-, 20- and 30-round

URL: www.Lancer-Sys­tems.com MSRP: $16–$25

Lancer mags … OK, so the L5-AWM isn’t ex­actly new, yet we’re still amazed at how many shoot­ers haven’t heard of them or used them. It is the Ad­vanced Warfighter Magazine—and that it is.

We love poly­mer mag­a­zines. They’re tough and has­sle free. The prob­lem is that in ex­treme cold, they get brit­tle (we’ve had the feed lips split). On the other side of the cli­mate spec­trum, bug spray on your hands can wreak havoc with many poly­mer mags. The L5 is the best of both worlds: all the ben­e­fits of poly­mer and all the ben­e­fits of metal with none of the draw­backs. It’s chem­i­cal-safe poly­mer with hard­ened-steel feed lips. The steel ex­tends down to the top of the mag catch for the most se­cure hold you can get. It’s got ag­gres­sive tex­ture for a se­cure grip, and the body is a slim de­sign with none of the bulk. All in all, it’s very well de­signed.

There are a lot of ex­cel­lent mags on the mar­ket, but this one is out­stand­ing. It is also avail­able in the L7 for .308 ARs.

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