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MAKE: Con­cealed Cargo

MODEL: Men’s Ca­sual Cargo Pant OP­TIONS: RH, khaki. (Avail­able soon: LH, ad­di­tional col­ors, cargo shorts) SIZES: Waist: 32–38, Inseam: 30–36 MSRP: $65

URL: www.Con­

These cargo pants al­low you to carry a full- to medium-sized gun with­out a hol­ster—the mas­sive front pocket is the hol­ster. Made to look ca­sual, not tac­ti­cal, it’s con­structed of 7-ounce cot­ton twill with re­in­forced stitch­ing.

The front strong-side pocket is con­structed of bal­lis­tic ny­lon shaped like a hand­gun. There’s no lint or sag, and it’s snag free when draw­ing your hand­gun. The gun is po­si­tioned at up­per thigh level and doesn’t bounce or swing when walk­ing or run­ning. There’s no print­ing; it looks com­pletely nat­u­ral. The pocket open­ing is large enough to pull out the gun while in full grasp by your hand. The weak-side pocket has three in­ner com­part­ments for keep­ing spare magazines and gear sep­a­rate. It’s the most com­fort­able all-day carry op­tion we’ve found. In a pre­car­i­ous sit­u­a­tion, you can have the gun in grasp, and it just looks like you have your hand in your pocket.


MAKE: DeSan­tis Gun­hide

MODEL: Hid­den Cache mag pouch MSRP: $50

URL: www.DeSan­tisHol­

This nicely made and com­fort­able IWB mag­a­zine car­rier is made from pre­mium Amer­i­can steer hide. It comes in black or tan

(more of a brown) with white stitch­ing. It’s ad­justable for cant and three dif­fer­ent heights. It comes with C-clips, but J-Clips are also avail­able. It’s of­fered for 175 dif­fer­ent firearms, is am­bidex­trous and can be used in any po­si­tion on the belt. One draw­back: If there’s com­pe­ti­tion on your belt for space (e.g., cell phone hol­ster, multi-tool, etc.), this de­sign, in par­tic­u­lar, takes up nearly the space of a twomag pouch.


MAKE: Real Avid

MODEL: AR15 Mi­cro Tool MSRP: $20


This whole mi­cro tool mea­sures 3.7x1.7x.4 inches (not in­clud­ing the strap), yet it con­tains 15 tools. In­cluded are five wrenches, a 5mm bit driver, flat­head screw­driver, bolt tail scraper, bolt face scraper, fir­ing pin scrap­ers, front sight tool, cut­ter, pin punch, cut­ter and the ever-so-im­por­tant bot­tle opener. The best part: Ev­ery­thing is con­ve­niently la­beled. It works well and does all the ba­sic main­te­nance func­tions. In ad­di­tion, it is so small, you can have it on hand just about any­where.


MAKE: Cald­well

MODEL: Mag Charger Uni­ver­sal Pis­tol Loader

MSRP: $48


This in­no­va­tive mag loader is three-way ad­justable to work with just about any dou­ble- or sin­glestack hand­gun mag­a­zine. A knob lo­cated on the front ad­justs length of mag­a­zine, while two hexagon­shaped cylin­ders (one on each side) ad­just for width. Once the mag is se­cure, drop a car­tridge in the chute, and squeeze the lever. It loads very fast and with low ef­fort. It works with 9mm to .45-cal­iber magazines and some .380. It won’t work with magazines that are straight feed, such as Mac-11 SMG types.


MAKE: Faxon Firearms

MODEL: Slim 3 Port Muz­zle Brake SPECS: .620-inch di­am­e­ter, ½ inch-28 TPI thread, 1.12 ounces, 2.125 inches long. For 5.56/.223. MSRP: $60

URL: www.Fax­

This muz­zle brake is de­signed for one thing: It can be per­ma­nently at­tached yet still al­low for bar­rel nut and gas block re­moval. To get the min­i­mum-length bar­rel al­lowed by law with­out NFA pa­per­work, the muz­zle de­vice must be per­ma­nently at­tached, so it will come in at just 16 inches. With stan­dard muz­zle brakes, this means you wouldn’t be able to re­move the gas block or bar­rel nut. With the Slim 3 Port Muz­zle Brake, you can. Aside from that, what im­pressed us is how fast and pointable it is when tran­si­tion­ing from tar­get to tar­get. The min­i­mal­ist de­sign does ev­ery­thing a stan­dard muz­zle brake does but in a greatly re­duced size and weight.


MAKE: SIG Sauer MODEL: Ki­lo2400ABS MSRP: $1,800


This fea­ture-laden rangefinder can range up to 2 miles and has a built-in Ap­plied Bal­lis­tics Elite cal­cu­la­tor, en­vi­ron­men­tal sen­sors, in­cli­nome­ter to read in­cline/de­cline an­gle, dig­i­tal compass, Blue­tooth to link with the smart­phone bal­lis­tic app and more. It also in­cludes a WindMETER to plug into your smart phone jack for real-time wind mea­sure­ments. Three ret­i­cle choices in­clude cen­ter aim­ing cir­cle; cir­cle plus hor­i­zon­tal milling grid; or cir­cle plus hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal milling grid. Pair­ing this rangefinder with your smart­phone gives you ac­cess to real-time HUD dis­play, gun profiles and more. It also in­cludes a tri­pod adap­tor (be­cause at 2 miles, you’ll need it), pen/sty­lus for a log book and a bal­lis­tic ny­lon MOLLE kit bag to keep it all in.


MAKE: 5.11

MODEL: Covrt18 Back­pack DI­MEN­SIONS: 19Hx12.25Lx6.5D inches (main com­part­ment)

CA­PAC­ITY: 30 liters to­tal

MSRP: $130 URL: www.511Tac­ti­

The Covert 18 is maxed out on pock­ets and stor­age and is ev­ery­thing a tac­ti­cal back­pack should be—while keep­ing the look out­doorsy, not tac­ti­cal. It is per­fect for covert and/or CCW use, where dis­cre­tion is a must. The large main com­part­ment has two zip­pered mesh stor­age com­part­ments and a padded lap­top sleeve. A sec­ondary com­part­ment adds am­bidex­trous quick ac­cess to a hand­gun, while the front com­part­ment also has stor­age for a hand­gun. A fleece-lined top pocket safely stores sun­glasses, and a hy­dra­tion pocket stores a 1.5-liter unit. Ster­num and com­pres­sion straps se­cure your load tightly to the body. It’s fea­ture packed and made well for rugged use.


MAKE: A.G. Rus­sell Knives

MODEL: Fold­ing Gents Hunter II SPECS: Length: 8 inches; closed: 4⅜ inches; blade: 3⅝ inches, 3.2 ounces

MSRP: $145: car­bon fiber (tested); $95: co­cobolo; $85: green G-10 URL: www.AGRus­

Founded in 1964, A.G. Rus­sell was the first mail-or­der knife com­pany. Judg­ing from this knife, he’s do­ing well. This ex­tremely classy-look­ing folder has car­bon-fiber han­dle scales and a lock­back mech­a­nism to se­curely lock it in place while in use. The drop-point blade looks sur­pris­ingly large in re­la­tion to the han­dle, and it’s made from 9Cr13CoMoV steel, which is es­sen­tially 440 steel with extra cobalt for in­creased strength.

It’s also far lighter than ex­pected be­cause of the Featherlight stain­less steel skele­tonized liner, which has been heat-treated for strength. It has one of the smoothest ac­tions we’ve felt on a knife—it’s not a flip­per or as­sisted open­ing, but if you hold it par­al­lel to the ground, it will open with a snap of the wrist. The clip is re­versible for the right- or left­hand pocket, but it is tip-up only.

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