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This gun has a 3.75-inch bar­rel, is 7.25 inches long over­all and weighs 28.6 ounces. For guys like me who al­ways seem to be out in the rain, mud and snow, this Ruger is all-sea­son weather re­sis­tant: Its stain­less steel slide is fin­ished in black ni­tride over a match­ing black, glass-filled ny­lon frame. The gun’s No­vak LoMount three-dot sights are metal, and so is the trig­ger. And as with most striker-fired pis­tols, there’s a pas­sive safety lever on the face of that trig­ger.

Also in­cluded: a MIL-STD-1913 Pi­catinny rail for your fa­vorite ac­ces­sories. Two in­ter­change­able grip mo­d­ules pro­vide some abil­ity to fit the gun to your hand in re­gard to the size of the back­strap and the amount of trig­ger reach and palm swell.

I never leave the house with a carry gun un­less there’s a round in the cham­ber. A small notch on the top of the cham­ber

of the Ruger al­lows you to vis­ually check if there’s a round cham­bered. It’s just as easy to run a fin­ger across the ex­ter­nal ex­trac­tor. If it’s edg­ing out slightly, there’s a round cham­bered. And you can do that in the dark.

Both sides of the gun have a slide stop re­lease lever, and there are am­bidex­trous mag­a­zine re­lease buttons, as well. Left­ies will wel­come that, but as a right-handed shooter, I like it, too—es­pe­cially if the need arises to shoot one handed with my left hand. There are cock­ing serrations on the rear of the slide only, which suits me fine.

This par­tic­u­lar Ruger Amer­i­can Com­pact is a Pro Model, with no man­ual safety. In ad­di­tion to the safety on the face of the trig­ger, how­ever, there is an in­ter­nal, au­to­matic sear block that will pre­vent the gun from fir­ing if it is dropped.

In­ter­nally, there is a stain­less steel chas­sis that houses the trig­ger group and rails. The bar­rel cam is con­fig­ured to keep the bar­rel and slide to­gether a tad longer upon fir­ing to re­duce re­coil.

The pis­tol comes with two steel magazines. One holds seven rounds and is fit­ted with an ex­tended base­plate so you can get a full grip on the gun. A flat base­plate is also in­cluded in the hard case if you want to shorten the pis­tol slightly. The sec­ond mag­a­zine holds 10 rounds and is ac­tu­ally the same

I The No­vak LoMount three-dot sights on the Ruger pro­vided an easy-to-ac­quire sight pic­ture and were well reg­u­lated for the ammo tested.

From 15 yards, the author did some rapid-fire drills—both two handed and one handed—at this mini sil­hou­ette tar­get.

The Ruger’s trig­ger pull reg­is­tered 6 pounds. The author found that the trig­ger was good but that the re­set was long and could be im­proved. (Photo: Ruger)

To dis­as­sem­ble the Ruger Amer­i­can, re­move the mag­a­zine, lock back the slide, and turn down the take­down lever. I

The Ruger and its ac­ces­sories ar­rive in this hard case.

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