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MAKE: Hud­son Sup­plies MODEL: FAST­mag, Gen-IV OP­TIONS: Stan­dard AR, Heavy (7.62x51), pis­tol; black, tan, Fo­liage Green, Coy­ote Brown MSRP: $35 (Gen-IV, 5.56 or 6.8 SPC) URL: Hud­son4Sup­plies.com

Made of high-im­pact-re­sis­tant poly­mer, the FAST­mag is tough— we set it on con­crete and drove a Tun­dra truck over it. A cou­ple of tabs bent slightly, but they were eas­ily pressed back into po­si­tion, with no loss of struc­tural in­tegrity or per­for­mance. De­signed to bend, not break, the anti-frag­men­ta­tion prop­er­ties keep it to­gether, even when hit by a bul­let. A semi-rigid strap makes for user-ad­justable ten­sion. We mounted it up­side down with a full mag and did 100 side-strad­dle hops, and the mag didn’t budge a hair. De­spite solid mag re­ten­tion, mag re­trieval is smooth. It mounts on a belt or MOLLE/PALS, up or down, and can be dou­ble stacked with other mag pouches (FAST­mag or other) us­ing the at­tach­ment slots.


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