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I’ve been a run­ner since I was 14 years old. Back then, a con­cerned neigh­bor girl asked me why I ran alone down our coun­try road. I told her it was okay; that I car­ried a big knife. I was a teenager, so car­ry­ing a pistol was not an op­tion. But you can imag­ine how dif­fi­cult it was find­ing pants that would hold my knife so it wouldn’t fall off when I ran.

Over the years, I’ve taken breaks from run­ning. I had to stop run­ning the year I had knee surgery; that was de­press­ing. About the only thing worse than not be­ing able to go for a run is run­ning in some­thing un­com­fort­able.

I’ve gen­er­ally had to make due with tuck­ing my phone and weapon into my sports bra, a zip­pered pocket and/or into my waist­band. Do you know just how sweat-cov­ered a phone or gun can get tucked against your skin—es­pe­cially un­der your jacket?

So, need­less to say, when I find run­ning pants I like, I’m go­ing to wear the heck out of them. They’re go­ing to get abused. I’ve run in Wis­con­sin in -15 de­grees (F), in Ari­zona in 90 de­grees and in Vir­ginia in 100 de­grees ... and 100 per­cent hu­mid­ity. From 5k runs, sum­mer biathlons to sprint-dis­tance triathlons, I have ex­pe­ri­ence putting run­ning gear through its paces.


How ex­actly does one find a nice pair of run­ning pants? At the SHOT show this year, my Gun World edi­tor, Robb Man­ning, hap­pened to bump into Amy Rob­bins, the woman be­hind Alexo Athletica. He in­tro­duced us (the funny thing? Nei­ther of them knew about my love of run­ning and con­stant quest for the perfect run­ning pants). Amy has hosted NRATV’s NOIR and Pur­suit Chan­nel’s GUNTV and cur­rently also hosts a pod­cast, “Not Your Av­er­age Gun Girls.” She is the CEO and founder of the Alexo Athletica con­cealed-carry line. We had a nice, long chat about Alexo Athletica, Amy her­self and her run­ning pants.


Fast-for­ward to the pants ... .

I got them, I ran in them, I car­ried a gun in them dur­ing a 36-hour road trip, and I slept in them with my gun on. The model I tried was The Sig­na­ture Pant, and they were re­aldeal com­fort­able. I was a lit­tle con­cerned, see­ing the way the gun just tucks into the waist, that it would fall out. I shouldn’t have been.

Tak­ing a break from the drive, I stopped at a gor­geous over­look in Utah to climb rocks, jump and run around, all while wear­ing my pistol. The pants per­formed per­fectly, keep­ing my pistol right where it was sup­posed to be. My teenage sons rolled their eyes as I leapt from rock to rock, but I wanted to see how these held up to ag­gres­sive move­ment. They did.




On that long road trip, some­times wan­der­ing into gas sta­tions at all hours of the night, my gun was with me all the time. One con­cern with waist­band carry is where to put your gun when us­ing pub­lic re­strooms. No wor­ries here: These pants have two pock­ets; one held my pistol, the other my phone. As a re­sult, I could safely use the re­stroom with­out hav­ing to haul in my coat or set my phone or firearm down. That was a big deal to me.

Other fea­tures I ap­pre­ci­ated: re­flec­tive ma­te­rial for run­ning at night; ma­te­rial that is stretchy yet does a good job sup­port­ing mus­cle groups; and mak­ing me feel that per­haps I didn’t look all that “gypsy” (read as: bedrag­gled van-dweller) af­ter hav­ing been in them for 36 hours.

An­other de­tail I liked is the length. I’m 5 feet, 6 inches tall. I don’t con­sider that “tall,” but most run­ning tights fall short of my an­kle, leav­ing me cold dur­ing win­ter months (in the north, “win­ter” runs from Novem­ber through March). These are a great length (I wear the medium size). These pants are not too long, do not get in the way of my run­ning shoes and are com­fort­able un­der tall leather boots. They are just right. If Goldilocks had a pair of run­ning pants, it would be these.


I see very few run­ning tights with two pock­ets. It’s as if the mar­ket­ing de­part­ments of the cloth­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers are ra­tioning out pock­ets: “Let them buy one pocket first; then, we will sell a two-pocket ver­sion.”

I’m against pocket-ra­tioning. If I have my phone in one pocket, my knife, a snack or maybe a spare mag­a­zine can go in the other. I can fit more than just a gun in these pants, be­cause there are two pock­ets, as well as a pouch-style pocket across the waist that can hold a credit card or some cash, maybe a thin wallet or even a small phone.

Aside from the pock­ets, func­tion­al­ity and com­fort, these pants have sev­eral places to stash your gun, knife or pep­per spray. And whether you are left or right handed, you can tuck items into the front or back. I car­ried my Ruger LCP in them when I did the afore­men­tioned rock-leap­ing and climb­ing like a monkey. (Note: I did this with an empty cham­ber, be­cause I wanted to re­ally jump and climb).


My take­away here: The uni­verse mirac­u­lously pro­duced a for­tu­itous meet­ing of peo­ple who didn’t know I have a pas­sion for run­ning, man­i­fest­ing for me a pair of run­ning pants with enough pock­ets and hol­ster space to meet the de­mands of a shoot­ing gypsy who runs guns and cam­eras on an empty gas tank and a head full of dreams.

The Sig­na­ture Pant, as well as the rest of the Alexo Athletica line, is per­fectly suited for the ac­tive/sporty/fit­ness woman who wants to carry but not look as if she’s car­ry­ing. This pant is thought­fully de­signed and well made. It can be found on­line. Yet an­other thing I like about this brand is its mil­i­tary, first responder and teacher dis­count.

One last lit­tle piece I like: Amy Rob­bins is an ac­tive voice for the Sec­ond Amend­ment.

So, if you’re look­ing to sup­port your legs and your gun (and your con­sti­tu­tional rights), check out this fit­ness ap­parel op­tion that has a lot of func­tion be­hind the fash­ion. GW


I Bridg­ing the gap be­tween want­ing to look nice andstill have the po­ten­tial to usetools at hand, con­cealed-carry cloth­ing for women that is de­signedby women is a def­i­nite trend thatI can em­brace.

Jump­ing rocks: While my ev­ery­day run doesn’t in­volve leap­ing chasms, wear­ing at­tire that will keep my carry gun in place dur­ing ag­gre­sive move­ments is im­por­tant.

With space for a knife, gun, phone—acou­ple of spare mags, credit card, lipgloss ... you name it—you can likely fit ev­ery­thing in the two hip pock­ets and four con­cealed pock­ets. (Photo: AlexoAthletica)I

As I ran up rocks or climbed down from them, The Sig­na­ture Pant was com­fort­able and held my Ruger LCP in place.

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