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If you are in the market for a .380 ACP mi­cro-com­pact pis­tol and are con­sid­er­ing pis­tols such as the Glock 42, S&W M&P Body­guard, Ruger LCP II or the new Spring­field Armory 911, also con­sider the Spec­trum. They are all very sim­i­lar in ca­pac­ity, size and weight.

No mat­ter what pis­tol you end up with for your EDC gun, prac­tice reg­u­larly, and make sure you al­ways have it with you. GW

The Spec­trum comes with flush-fit six- and extended seven-round mag­a­zines. A fin­ger rest is molded into the extended mag­a­zine’s base­plate.

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