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MAKE: Vul­ture Equip­ment Works MODEL: Vul­ture Field Clean­ing Kit IN­CLUDES: Liq­uid Freak­i­ness

(Lf) Lube & Pro­tec­tant, Liq­uid Chimera (Lc) Cleaner & De­greaser, 1 mi­crofiber towel, 1 GP brush, 10 cot­ton swabs, re­seal­able My­lar bag (Solid Funk­i­ness (Sf) grease op­tional) MSRP: $35 ($5 ex­tra to in­clude 1-ounce jar of Sf Ex­treme Grease) URL: Vul­tureEquip­men­tWorks.com

The Field Clean­ing Kit comes with ev­ery­thing you need to keep your firearm per­form­ing at top lev­els while out in the field. The Lc cleaner/de­greaser is odor­less, with low tox­i­c­ity and a non­car­cino­gen. Spray and let soak for about 10 min­utes. We found it cleans very well. It leaves very lit­tle sur­face residue but still in­hibits cor­ro­sion. The Lf Ex­treme En­vi­ron­ment

Lube & Pro­tec­tant works well and in­duced no fric­tion-re­lated stop­pages in our test­ing. It pro­tects against wear, cor­ro­sion and rust. The Sf Ex­treme Grease goes on and stays on, with an op­er­at­ing temp of -35 to 600 de­grees (F). Per­fect for belt-feds, high-vol­ume guns that get re­ally hot and for guns on whose sur­faces you don’t want to leave a lot of ex­tra residue. The re­seal­able My­lar bag keeps any spills or leaks from spread­ing.


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