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MAKE: Max­pe­di­tion MODEL: AGR Uni­ver­sal Pis­tol Wrap (UPW)/Dual Mag Wrap (DMW) MSRP: $13 each URL: Max­pe­di­

The Ad­vanced Gear Re­search (AGR) UPW and DMW are de­signed for off-body carry in­side bags and packs us­ing hook-and-loop clo­sures for at­tach­ment. The UPW works with just about any hand­gun, from sub­com­pact to full size, as well as many re­volvers; and for rightor left-hand draw. Ad­justable via hook-and-loop for a snug fit to se­cure the firearm in place. Just make sure the trig­ger guard is cov­ered. Liner is non-scratch. The DMW holds two mags of just about any size (even dif­fer­ent sizes at once), or a flash­light or other ac­ces­sory. Made of TPU840D ny­lon com­po­si­tion.


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