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The hol­i­day sea­son is al­most upon us. Ev­ery year, it seems to come ear­lier.

For most, the sea­son is filled with cheer and re­con­nect­ing with fam­i­lies. But for oth­ers, the hol­i­days are the time to prey on those who have too many things on their minds to con­sider their own safety.

At this time of year, you will see shop­pers with arms full of pack­ages, headed to their cars and obliv­i­ous of their sur­round­ings. The malls are packed, and most are “gun-free zones,” of­ten leav­ing the masses with­out a firearm for pro­tec­tion should the need arise (re­mem­ber: As with all forms of self­de­fense, make sure to abide by all lo­cal, state and fed­eral laws).


Your home is also a likely place that thieves might tar­get to steal a firearm. If you want to have se­cure ac­cess to your firearm with­out hav­ing that gi­ant safe in your liv­ing room, Tac­ti­cal Walls has an abun­dance of so­lu­tions for you. From its mod­er­ately priced shelves that of­fer quick ac­cess to your hand­gun via a mag­netic lock­ing mech­a­nism to larger, ful­l­length mir­rors that can house sev­eral long guns, Tac­ti­cal Walls pro­vides a qual­ity-built, classy piece of fur­ni­ture that will fool most thieves. Yet, it will still al­low you to get to your firearm in the event you are home dur­ing a break-in. The shelf mod­els might also be a good place to dis­play your lat­est shoot­ing tro­phy. Pric­ing starts at $245. (Tac­ti­


If you do find your­self in one of those “gun-free zones,” you still need to be pre­pared. The folks at SOG Knives have sev­eral op­tions to al­low you to de­fend your­self un­til you can ei­ther get help or get to safety. SOG part­nered with Kiku Mat­suda, one of the fore­most tac­ti­cal knife de­sign­ers and blade grinders in Ja­pan. The Kiku 4-inch fixed-blade fea­tures a VG-10 steel blade and comes with a low-pro­file Ky­dex sheath. This is a beau­ti­fully shaped blade. This knife comes in at $254. If you are look­ing for a fold­ing blade, the Kiku As­sisted is not just a good-look­ing folder, it also fea­tures a straight, high-end, VG-10 stain­less steel tanto blade. At just $140, it’s a bar­gain. Both knives are RC 59-60 hard­ness with Mi­carta han­dles and can also be en­graved to make it a spe­cial gift. If your loved one gets one of these in their stock­ing, you def­i­nitely won’t see them in the gift re­turn line. (


Are you look­ing for some­thing to aug­ment your lethal de­fen­sive firearm? The F4 tac­ti­cal from Pro De­fense Tac­ti­cal of­fers an OC spray de­vice that at­taches to the Pi­catinny rail on your long gun. It de­liv­ers 10 per­cent OC spray and an ul­tra­vi­o­let light-sen­si­tive dye for easy iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of your as­sailant. The F4 adds just ¾ pound to your firearm and has a range of up to 25 feet. The MSRP is $104. Cross­fire OC re­fills are $24. (Pro-De­


No kit is com­plete with­out a good light. While there are many great hand­gun lights out there, it will prob­a­bly mean you have to buy a new hol­ster. To al­le­vi­ate that prob­lem, you can get a hand­held flash­light, but that can be cum­ber­some and re­quire changes to your pis­tol or long-gun grip. Petzl has a so­lu­tion to that with the TACTIKKA +RGB head­lamp. It fea­tures great bat­tery life, as well as prox­im­ity light­ing or fo­cused light­ing for move­ment. TACTIKKA +RGB also has red, green or blue light­ing to pre­serve night vi­sion. TACTIKKA +RGB is a HY­BRID head­lamp that is also com­pat­i­ble with the CORE recharge­able bat­tery. Com­ing in at just un­der $55, this ver­sa­tile light will brighten up some­one’s hol­i­day cheer. (


If you own an iPhone 6, 7 or 8, Yel­low Jacket has the ideal self­de­fense weapon for you. Yel­low Jacket is a high-volt­age stun gun con­cealed in­side an iPhone case. Yel­low Jacket has two safety fea­tures that help pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal dis­charge while be­ing eas­ily de­ploy­able within an in­stant. The case can be used to drive your as­sailant away from you while buy­ing you time to es­cape or get to your firearm. It can be used against an at­tack from vir­tu­ally ev­ery di­rec­tion, even if you are at­tacked from be­hind. In ad­di­tion, the ex­ter­nal bat­tery can dou­ble the life of your iPhone. If you are al­ready go­ing to be car­ry­ing a phone, this de­vice can save you from car­ry­ing an ad­di­tional de­vice. At $79 for iPhone 6 and $179 for the iPhone 7 and 8, you can get a self-de­fense tool and keep your bat­tery charged longer. It comes in sev­eral color op­tions (in case you are look­ing to match your at­tire!). Look for an up­com­ing ar­ti­cle on the tac­tics of us­ing a stun de­vice such as the Yel­low Jacket. (https://Yel­lowJack­


In 2015, more than 5,800 guns were stolen from ve­hi­cles in just 25 re­ported cities. An emerg­ing tac­tic is to tar­get gun­free zones and ve­hi­cles dis­play­ing firearm af­fil­i­a­tions (gun stick­ers, NRA or even hunt­ing de­cals). If you are forced to leave your hand­gun in your car, one way to pre­vent this is to have a vault in­stalled in your ve­hi­cle.

One of the eas­i­est to in­stall is the Hor­nady RAPiD ve­hi­cle safe. It has a unique sys­tem that makes it quick and easy to mount in your ve­hi­cle. There is no need for drilling new holes or re­mov­ing parts of your in­te­rior. For the RAPiD sys­tem, there is a cable to lock to your seat brack­ets and an in­flat­able blad­der that fits be­tween the seats to keep the sys­tem in place on the rough­est of roads. To open the safe, sim­ply place the RFID wrist­band, key fob or de­cal over the reader, and the safe springs open to present your hand­gun. At just un­der $180, it’s an in­vest­ment to pro­tect an in­vest­ment. (Ca­


What­ever you de­cide this year, avoid the crowds on De­cem­ber 24th. Plan early, and think about the safety of your loved ones. Noth­ing says you care quite as much as do­ing ev­ery­thing you can to make sure all your loved ones are pro­tected from harm! GW

Even Santa knowsthat the gift of self-de­fense is the great­est gift of all!

Closed, the Tac­ti­cal Walls Shelf looks like an ev­ery­day wall dec­o­ra­tion and gives you a place to dis­play your dec­o­ra­tive items. How­ever, in­side the Tac­ti­cal Walls Shelf, your hand­gun rests in com­fort and is ready when needed in an in­stant.

IRight: The TACTIKKA +RGB is light, yet pow­er­ful, with 250 lu­mens. It pro­videsplenty of light to il­lu­mi­nate that “bump in the night,” so as not to blind Santa, who’sjust do­ing his job.

Left: SOG Knives has been mak­ing sturdy, de­pend­able, beau­ti­ful knives and other tools for decades.The Kiku col­lec­tion is as stun­ning as it is func­tional. The Kiku 4-inch fixed-blade (rear) and the Kiku as­sisted-open folder are just two in this col­lec­tion.

The F4 Tac­ti­cal of­fers a sec­ond op­tion in a de­fen­sive sit­u­a­tion. It de­liv­ers a mix­ture of OC spray and UV dye for when deadly force is not an op­tion but the sit­u­a­tion still needs to be dif­fused. (Photo: Pro De­fense Tac­ti­cal)

Light­ning packed into a phone case is the only way to de­scribe the Yel­low Jacket. It’s packed with enough juice to jolt your as­sailant and give you time to es­cape. The added plus is that you get added bat­tery life for your phone. (Note: This de­vice is not rec­om­mended for jump­start­ing Ru­dolph’s nose.)

The Hor­nady RAPiD Safe is a great gift for any­one who is on the road a lot and some­times must leave their gun in the car. With the rise in gun thefts from ve­hi­cles, don’t risk your sidearm to an un­locked glove­box. (Photo: Hor­nady)

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