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An im­por­tant part of the ac­cu­racy equa­tion is a qual­ity op­tic to go along with car­tridge and ri­fle.

A Tri­ji­con AccuPower 4.5-30x56mm op­tic was mated to the POF Revo­lu­tion for ac­cu­racy test­ing. The AccuPower fea­tures five in­ten­sity set­tings for the red- or green-il­lu­mi­nated ret­i­cle choices.

The AccuPower is evolv­ing into Tri­con’s flag­ship vari­able-power op­tic fea­tur­ing a 34mm tube. The 4.5-30x zoom is im­pres­sive, with the 56mm ob­jec­tive lens aid­ing in ac­quir­ing and iden­ti­fy­ing tar­gets at ex­treme dis­tances. The 4.5-30x AccuPower is com­pa­ra­ble to other world-class op­tics. It can be fit­ted to the big­gest mag­num boomers due to the gen­er­ous 3.2- to 3.8-inch eye re­lief (de­pend­ing on the power set­ting).

The Tri­ji­con’s tough con­struc­tion is per­fect for re­coil re­sis­tance to the in­er­tia forces ex­pe­ri­enced dur­ing re­coil. It has an ex­posed, 100 MOA el­e­va­tion ad­just­ment range with a re­turn to zero, along with a 50 MOA capped windage ad­just­ment range that in­cludes an op­tional windage re­stric­tor that lends well to long-range shoot­ing ad­just­ments.

The Tri­ji­con AccuPower 4.5-30x56mm fea­tures ED (Ex­traLow-Dis­per­sion) glass. ED glass pre­vents or lessens chro­matic aber­ra­tion, be­cause it con­cen­trates and di­rects the wave­lengths of light more ef­fec­tively. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, the bet­ter the aber­ra­tions are con­trolled, the cleaner and brighter the im­age will ap­pear. This is es­pe­cially im­por­tant at long-range, high-magnification ob­ser­va­tion. The ED glass is fur­ther en­hanced with multi-coated broad­band anti-re­flec­tive fin­ish that vir­tu­ally elim­i­nates glare and loss of light. ED glass is usu­ally re­served for premium op­tics be­cause of the cost as­so­ci­ated with it.

The Tri­ji­con Accupower 4.5-30x56mm is a good fit for the semi­au­to­matic, yet long-range-ca­pa­ble, POF-USA Revo­lu­tion .308 Win.

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