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Con­cerns re­lated to over­pen­e­tra­tion could be ad­dressed with am­mu­ni­tion se­lec­tion. For ex­am­ple, the Winch­ester PDX 1 De­fender load in .308 Winch­ester, fea­tur­ing the Split Core Tech­nol­ogy 120-grain bul­let, comes to mind. The Winch­ester Split Core .308 has a for­ward sec­tion where the lead core is not bonded to the jacket. This is done to en­hance rapid and mas­sive ex­pan­sion.

The lower por­tion of the core is welded to the jacket to hold the bul­let to­gether, even when the nose sec­tion opens vi­o­lently upon im­pact, thereby dump­ing en­ergy into the tar­get and mak­ing sure the round does not over­pen­e­trate a soft tar­get (such as a hu­man ad­ver­sary). This Winch­ester of­fer­ing could prove a fa­vorite load for law en­force­ment, civil­ian per­sonal de­fense or for any de­part­ment or per­son want­ing the bal­lis­tic ad­van­tage of the 7.62x51mm/.308 Win. while min­i­miz­ing con­cerns of over­pen­e­tra­tion.

Bal­lis­tic gel demon­stra­tions wit­nessed in per­son and also via the In­ter­net in­di­cate that the Winch­ester .308 Split Core comes to rest af­ter 12 to 14 inches of travel.

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