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Plenty of hunting available for many weeks to come


What’s a hunter to do after another bountiful Oklahoma deer hunting season comes to a close? Turns out there’s still plenty to do in Outdoor Oklahoma!

Some of the most overlooked hunting opportunit­ies in this state are for small game. Not too many years ago, when most Oklahomans lived a more rural lifestyle, squirrels and rabbits were regular table fare. A youngster out in the forest or field with a shotgun or .22-caliber rifle provided many a meal for the family.

Pursuing and harvested small game is a great way to introduce youths to the hunting tradition, and those outings are still available today.

Squirrel and rabbit hunting seasons are open now, and all hunters must have a hunting license, unless exempt. Squirrel hunting closes Jan. 31. Rabbit season runs through March 15.

Other hunting seasons are also open now.

Waterfowl hunting in Zones 1 and 2 is open through Jan 29. Statewide hunting for whitefront­ed geese is open through Feb. 5; for dark and light geese through Feb. 12. The Conservati­on Order Light Goose Season follows from Feb. 13 to March 30 statewide. Waterfowl hunters must have a hunting license, a federal waterfowl stamp and a state waterfowl license (or stamp), and a Harvest Informatio­n Program permit, unless exempt. Sandhill crane hunting runs through Jan. 22 west of Interstate

35. A federal sandhill crane hunting permit is required, along with a Harvest Informatio­n Program permit and hunting license, unless exempt.

Pheasant season is under way in the designated open counties through Jan. 31. And quail season runs through Feb. 15 statewide. However, new restrictio­ns this year prohibit quail hunting by nonresiden­ts on wildlife management areas west of Interstate


Hunting is open statewide yearround for coyotes, feral swine, prairie dogs, raccoons, beavers, striped skunks, and nutria.

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