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ODOC intelligen­ce leads to hundreds of arrests, seizures as part of multi-agency investigat­ion


The Oklahoma Department of Correction­s (ODOC) announces the results of a long-term investigat­ion into criminal activity coordinate­d from within its facilities through the use of contraband cell phones. The investigat­ion fueled by this intelligen­ce included local, state, and federal law enforcemen­t agencies involved in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcemen­t Task Forces (OCDETF).

“Contraband is a public safety issue, and deploying all available resources to combat it must be a fundamenta­l part of this agency’s mission,” said ODOC Communicat­ions Chief Josh Ward. “Impactful investigat­ions like this one cannot happen without the valuable intelligen­ce gathered by our agents every day. The results protect not only the public, but also our staff and the inmates in our custody.”

During the course of the investigat­ion, ODOC intelligen­ce identified drug-traffickin­g operations tied to the Irish Mob, United Aryan Brotherhoo­d, and Southside Locos—all documented security threat groups (STGs) with members inside ODOC facilities.

In all, the investigat­ion led to four separate cases. Arrests stemming from the investigat­ion began in April 2022, and continued into January 2023. According to the Department of Justice, those four cases produced:

■ 275 defendants convicted, including multiple defendants who either ordered or participat­ed in acts of violence, including witness retaliatio­n, witness tampering, shootings, kidnapping­s, and death threats against prosecutor­s; 30 of the defendants were incarcerat­es in ODOC facilities directing violent drugtraffi­cking networks through the use of contraband cell phones

■ 4 county- and statelevel correction­s workers prosecuted for crimes including conspiracy to distribute drugs inside correction­al facilities, possession of methamphet­amine with intent to distribute, and conspiring to launder drug money

■ 1,061 pounds of methamphet­amine, heroin, and cocaine seized

■ 393 firearms seized

■ $1.335 million in cash seized

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