Guymon Daily Herald

Guymon Police Department Bulletin


Feb. 21

■ Suspicious person, 1900 block N Highway 64, 3:39 a.m., everything okay, Officer Glave, Sergeant Gore, Officer Barby, no report

■ Alarm, 1800 block N Highway 64, 3:49 a.m., everything okay, Officer Barby, Sergeant Gore, no report

■ Alarm, 2400 block N Highway 64, 7:05 a.m., employee error, Officer Lakely, no report

■ Standby, 100 block N East, 8:35 a.m., assisted code enforcemen­t, Officer Lakely, Sergeant Gilkey, no report

■ Assist other department, 100 block N East, 10:45 a.m., assisted code enforcemen­t, Sergeant Gilkey, no report

■ Public service, 900 block NW 5th, 1:39 p.m., spoke with individual, Lieutenant Francis, no report

■ Animal cruelty, 800 block N Ellison, 2:02 p.m., under investigat­ion, Sergeant Gilkey, Lieutenant Detective Gandy, Detective Gonzales, report on file

■ Check welfare, 800 block NE Highway 54, 2:08 p.m., made contact/ everything okay, Sergeant Gilkey, no report

■ Animal control complaint, 800 block N Main, 2:48 p.m., spoke with canine owners, Lieutenant Detective Gandy, no report

■ Disturbanc­e-panhandler, 2400 block N Highway 64, 3:36 p.m., individual­s advised of ordinance, Sergeant Gilkey, no report

■ Citizen’s assist, 400 block S Perkins, 4:09 p.m., assisted individual, Officer Lakely, no report

■ Assist other department, 600 block Hillcrest, 5:57 p.m., assisted Texas County, Officer Lakely, no report

■ Citizen’s assist, 1900 block Price, 6:25 p.m., assisted individual, Sergeant Gilkey, no report

■ Suspicious vehicle, 900 block NE Knutson, 6:40 p.m., everything okay, Officer Lakely, no report

■ Ambulance run, 1000 block N James, 7:19 p.m., assisted EMS, Officer Glave, no report

■ Citizen’s assist, 900 block NW 5th, 7:50 p.m., assisted individual, Officer Barby, no report

■ Suspicious person, 6000 block Sunset, 8:18 p.m., negative contact, Sergeant Gore, no report

■ Accident with no injuries, 2500 block NE 24th, 8:59 p.m., informatio­n exchanged, Sergeant Gore, no report

■ Assault, 500 block N Main, 9:33 p.m., officer obtained informatio­n, Officer Barby, report on file

■ Assist other department, Highway 64 and W city limits, 10:23 p.m., assisted Morton County, Officer Yowell, no report

■ 911 unknown, 600 block S Crumley, 10:25 p.m., everything okay, Sergeant Gore, no report

■ Suspicious person, 1200 block NE 6th, 10:38 p.m., negative contact, Officer Glave, no report

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