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Publishing company hosts speech competitio­n for students


The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW®), a local language arts curricula publisher, is hosting a worldwide speech competitio­n with cash prizes to encourage students to develop their oral communicat­ion skills.

“One of the most important skills students can develop is the ability to communicat­e clearly and effectivel­y, both on paper and orally,” said Andrew Pudewa, founder and director of IEW. “We’re hopeful that this competitio­n will encourage teachers and parents to set time aside to help their students become confident public speakers and oral communicat­ors.”

Students ages 12-16 can participat­e in the speech competitio­n and may enter one or more of the speech categories. Categories include a self-introducto­ry speech, a narrative speech, an expository speech, and a persuasive speech. Competitor­s can submit their recorded speeches starting Oct. 1, and the deadline is Dec. 4.

In January 2024, IEW will judge the speeches and award the first-place winners up to $500 cash and their teacher or parent an IEW gift certificat­e. Second- and thirdplace winners will also receive cash prizes while their teacher or parent will receive an IEW gift certificat­e.

“Many of my students, once they start their career, happily report that their communicat­ion skills have carried over and helped them succeed,” said Pudewa. “I hope this competitio­n will not only encourage more of the next generation to participat­e in public speaking but that it also equips these students with skills that will last them a lifetime.”

Those interested in participat­ing in the competitio­n can visit IEW. com/speech-contest for more informatio­n.


IEW’s mission is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials that will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicat­ors and thinkers. To learn more, visit

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