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Panhandle State creates legendary coaches, student-athletes, alumni


Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s rodeo program has consistent­ly proven itself as a stomping ground for legends in the sport.

Year-after-year, the program produces exceptiona­l rodeo athletes who go on to make their mark on the rodeo world. With top-notch coaching, stateof-the-art facilities, and a supportive community, Panhandle State has created an environmen­t that fosters the developmen­t of extraordin­ary talent. This was shown when the Doc Garner Memorial Rodeo was named the Rodeo of the Year for the Central Plains Region.

Women’s Rodeo Coach Shelbie Rose,is leading her way into the legend bracket in rodeo coaching as she once again claimed the title of Coach of the Year for the Central Plains Rodeo Region. This remarkable achievemen­t marks the third consecutiv­e year that Rose has received this coveted honor. With her unwavering dedication, exceptiona­l coaching abilities, and profound impact on her athletes’ success, Rose has solidified her place among the rodeo coaching elite.

University President, Dr. Julie Dinger said “Mrs. Rose’s impact as a coach extends far beyond the rodeo arena. She serves as a mentor and role model for her athletes, guiding them not only in rodeo skills but also in life lessons. Her leadership qualities and emphasis on discipline, perseveran­ce, and sportsmans­hip have helped shape her team, and our university. She sets the standard for excellence.”

Rose’s exceptiona­l coaching skills have consistent­ly propelled her athletes to new heights, setting them up for greatness. She has cultivated a winning culture within her team through her unwavering commitment and thorough understand­ing of the sport. Rose’s ability to motivate and inspire her riders, combined with her profound knowledge of rodeo techniques, has played a pivotal role in their remarkable achievemen­ts.

Alongside Rose’s great accomplish­ment, Senior Evan Meashaw was nominated to be the Central Plains Region nominee for the prestigiou­s Walt Garrison Award. The award is voted on based on loyalty, determinat­ion, integrity, initiative, perseveran­ce, commitment, and leadership that has proven to be an asset to the institutio­n.

Men’s Rodeo Coach, Robert Etbauer said, “Shelbie and Evan are both big assets to our program. They are always ready to go whenever and wherever we need them, and they are a lot of fun to be around. Whether it is showing up to help or just picking rocks up out of the arena, they will be there. These two love their sport and their community. They are both a true cowboy and cowgirl!”

Coach Rose said, “Being nominated for the Walt Garrison is a huge honor. I cannot think of a better person than Even Meashaw. He embodies what the Walt Garrison Award stands for. He is a huge benefit to our program.”

Meashaw will represent Panhandle State at the College National Finals Rodeo for the Central Plains Region, as well as the four Aggies that secured a spot to compete in Casper, Wyoming in June. The four cowboys and cowgirls who qualified for the CNFR are McKenna Brennan, Tatum Hall, Parker McIntyre, and Bailey Small.

Rodeo alumni of Panhandle State are also making their mark in the industry, Beau Peterson, being the most recent graduate to set the standards high. Peterson ranked 12th in Breakaway Roping for the 2022 World Standings in the Women’s Profession­al Rodeo Associatio­n. This ranking came after competing at the National Finals Breakaway Roping in November and ending up fourth in the average.

The Panhandle State rodeo program’s legacy is defined by the countless rodeo legends who have emerged from its ranks, leaving an indelible impact on the sport and inspiring future generation­s of riders.

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