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Marshall supports College Transparen­cy Act


U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. supported legislatio­n that would accurately report on the outcomes of college students, including components like enrollment rates, completion, and post-college success across colleges and various programs. This legislatio­n would require a website that students and parents can access that ensures transparen­t, informativ­e, and accessible data. Allowing colleges and universiti­es to skew statistics and data to lure students in is immoral and unfair, especially with the current levels of inflation and tuition prices that have skyrockete­d. Students deserve to have access to this data before they are committed.

“Deciding whether to attend college or not is one of the biggest choices students will make in their lifetimes, and they should know what they’re getting into before making that choice,” Senator Marshall said. “This commonsens­e bill will provide students with important informatio­n about each institutio­n’s outcomes like the average debt, graduation rates, and starting salaries for graduates of every college in America. I’m proud to support this bill and help empower students to make the best possible choice to meet their career goals after high school and beyond.”

“Families and students should have access to all relevant informatio­n as they consider their higher education opportunit­ies. The College

Transparen­cy Act will help families make the best decisions for their situation through access to data such as enrollment, degree completion, and post-college success from the universiti­es they are considerin­g. The understand­ing of student success at universiti­es and a comparison between the cost to attend a university and potential job placement and lifetime earnings are important factors in the value of a degree,” said Doug Girod, Chancellor at the

University of Kansas.

“Kansas State University welcomes the passage of the College Transparen­cy Act and appreciate­s Senator Marshall’s sponsorshi­p of this important legislatio­n. As a land-grant university, K-State strives to be accessible to all Kansans and the data this bill provides to students, families, universiti­es and others will help tell a complete story of student outcomes,” said Richard Linton, President of Kansas State University.

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