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Monday February 11, 2019 Today Tuesday Wed. 40/32 52/36 39/26 Snow, rain showers Rain Snow showers WHERE A BIGGER NEWSPAPERMEANSMORE LOCAL NEWS | JOURNAL-NEWS.COM Full Northern Cincinnati forecast: C6 $2.00 STATE& LOCAL, B1 STATE& LOCAL, B1 STATE& LOCAL, B1 LAND BANK GIVES $40K TO FIGHT THE BLIGHT AT PARK CHIPOTLE GRILLS COMING TOMIDDLETOWN, HAMILTON PHOTOSADDFLAIR TOCORONER’S DIGS ONLYINTHEJOURNAL-NEWS JOURNAL-NEWSIN-DEPTH CEO: Merger of local banks ‘a perfect fit’ Bigger means patrons will see ‘more products and services’ in future. expectedtobefinalizedduring the second half of this year, according to the release. SinceValleyCentral andAmericanSavings are considered “small banks,” the merger will allow them to eventually offer more products and services to their customers, said Joanna L. Gaynor, CEO of Valley Central. Gaynor called the merger “a perfect fit.” “We don’t see a downside,” she said. Her counterpart at American Savings, Fred G. DeBiasi, agreed. “We only see positives,” he said. “It just made sense.” DeBiasi said the two branches in Middletown, 4455 Roosevelt Blvd., and 701N. University Blvd., will remain open, all staff will be retained and customers will have the same rights. The merger also ByRickMcCrabb StaffWriter Customers at two Butler County banks that are mergingwon’t see significant changes, according to their chief executive officers. ValleyCentralBank, with a location in Liberty Twp., and American Savings Bank, with two Middletownlocations, recently signed a definitive merger agreement, according to a news release. Based on financial data as of Sept. 30, 2018, the combined banking institution would have total assets of about $154.2 million, net loans of $127.2 million andtotal deposits of $106.3 million upon completion of the merger BUTLER COUNTY — Some Hamilton and Butler County officials believe their towers at 345 High St. and 315 High St., respectively, are too nice to house governments. If a businesswanted to take their place, they’d be glad to let themmove in. MIKE RUTLEDGE / STAFF Are towers too nice for government? Mergercontinued onA6 COMPLETECOVERAGE Rita Lewis, seen here at a Capitol Hill rally in December, took up the cause of her late husband, a retired truck driver. Hamilton, Butler County officials talk about office buildings. The city, despite that proposed sale, is not planning to move from its building, which is connected to Butler County’s tower at 315 High St. Hamilton CityManager Joshua Smith had mentioned previously hewouldn’tmindcitygovernment moving from 345 High St. This media outlet asked himwhether he envisions city government moving from the tower in light of the sale and city’s lease of the building. “I have always believed gov- thatwere built together and dedicated Aug. 16, 2000, are too nice to house government offices. The topic came up recently because Hamilton’s city government is considering selling its tower at 345 High St. to a Hamilton Community Authority. The authority would use the city’s future lease payments to it to repay more than $24 million it expects to borrowfor about $12.7 million in funding for the Spooky Nook gigantic indoor sports complex and convention center on North B Street that is expected to be completed in mid-2021. ByMikeRutledge StaffWriter CONTRIBUTED — Someday, Hamilton and Butler County governments maymove out of the two government towers near the intersection of High Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard so they can be occupied by businesses. City and county officials alike say they feel the buildings, a pair HAMILTON 60K Ohioans saddled with troubled plans Towers continued onA7 TOPNATIONALSTORY Senators vowto press on, address troubled multiemployerpensions. Rita Lewis accepted Sen. Brown’s invitation to the State of the Union lastweek with a singular thought in mind: Perhaps she could once again drawattention to the plight of the nearly 1.3 million retirees at risk of losing their endangered pensions. The West Chester Twp. woman’s husband, retired truck driver Butch Lewis, died on New Year’s Eve 2015worrying about the pension crisis and its impact both on him and his fellow retirees. When he died, OhioRita Lewis took up the fight. It’s been three years since then, and the problem still looms. Now, twomonths into the 2019, a solution that both sides can New issue threatens border security talks » » Democrats seeking limitonthenumber of immigrants ICE detains. BALANCED COVERAGE ByJessicaWehrman The debate overimmigration is divisive, and these types of controversial stories receive special treatment. We always try to present asmuchinformation as possible so that readers can use those facts to reach theirownconclusions. Todo that, we relyon a varietyof sources that represent multiple points ofview. Today’s story, forexample, includes comments fromWhite House Chiefof StaffMick Mulvaney, aswell asSen. JonTester(D-Mont.). Washington Bureau — Last year, a joint committee of U.S. House members and senators vowed to solve the problem of what to do with troubledmultiemployer pensions. They had untilNov. 30 to come up with a solution. Theymissed the deadline, but Ohio Sens. SherrodBrownandRobPortman, who have more than 60,000 constituents saddled with these troubled plans in the state, vowed to press on. There still is not a solution. WASHINGTON ByJonathanLemire andAlanFram AssociatedPress Bargainers clashed Sunday over whether to limit the number of migrants authorities can detain, tossing a new hurdle before negotiators hoping to strike a border security compromise for Congress to pass this coming week. The White House wouldn’t rule out WASHINGTON — of millions of dollars over howmuch to spend to construct President Donald Trump’s promised border wall. But rising to the a renewed partial government shutdown if an agreement isn’t reached. With the Friday deadline approaching, the two sides remained separated by hundreds Bordertalks continued onA2 Pensions continued onA7 NATION& WORLD, A3 STATE& LOCAL, B1 SPORTS, C1 INDEX Classifieds Comics D24 D3 Crossword Deaths D6 B4 Klobucharannounces herbidtobepresident ‘SnowInformer’now onlineforHamilton CoachsaysOSU’sjobis toboostOhiofootball Volume 98, Number42 “I will focus on getting things done,” says Minnesota’s threetermDemocratic senator.“That’s what I’ve donemywhole life.” Motorists can see which streets in their areas havebeen cleared or salted anddetermine the safest route to theirdestinations. The Buckeyes’RyanDay told the crowdat a coaches clinic,“We’re going to continue to recruit the state as hardaswe possibly can.” w( h63259* PKSKLq( v Delivery times; 8:00 Sun, 7:30 Sat, & 6:30 Mon-Fri, contact us at Journal-News.com/customerservice or (877) 267-0018 | Breaking news all day at Journal-News.com. Copyright 2019 Journal-News PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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