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D3 FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2021 | COMPLETE. IN-DEPTH. DEPENDABLE. SUDOKU DAILY CROSSWORD HOW TO PLAY ACROSS Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusivel­y. The easiest puzzles appear on Monday with difficulty increasing throughout the week. 1 Architectu­ral recess 5 Good enough 9 Grad 13 “A New Day Has Come” singer 14 Like Erté’s art 15 Compensate 17 Full of anticipati­on 18 Subject to being wiped out 20 Source of some TV content 22 Kardashian matriarch 23 “We __ alone” 25 Genetic connection 27 Bridge protectors 30 Promotiona­l giveaways 32 Explosive initials 33 “Bob’s Burgers” sibling 35 Fellows 36 Sports bet based on total points scored ... or a hint to answering four puzzle clues 39 Chamonix peak 41 Retro ski resort sight 42 Inexact no. 45 Like a busy chimney sweep’s clothes 47 Collide with 50 Impediment to walking down a hallway 52 Bleeping editor 53 Hawkeye State campus town 55 Recommenda­tion for better health 58 Evil fairy played by Angelina Jolie 61 Kurylenko of “Quantum of Solace” 62 In a heap 63 Bravo preceder 64 It’s not optional 65 Tibetan honorific 66 Alka-Seltzer jingle word PREVIOUS SOLUTION Happy Birthday © 2021 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. By Dylan Schiff and Mark McClain 44 Storm often chased 45 Mischief-maker 46 “Sorry Not Sorry” singer Lovato 48 “Give __ break!” 49 Chant 51 Summarize 54 Come across as 56 Inspiron maker 57 Lowdown 59 HHS agency 60 Touchscree­n touch 29 Treats with disdain 31 Hammer home? 34 Uptight 36 Go (for) 37 Nair rival that originally had “N” as its first letter 38 Horror icon, for short 39 Web service since 1993 40 Parsons of old Hollywood gossip 42 Stores on a farm 43 Trio in funny shorts 67 Internatio­nal gas brand Actor-comedian is 98. Singer is 84. Game show is 83. is Larry Shirley Storch Bassey Bob Eubanks Yvette Mimieux Kathleen Noone John DOWN 1 Hardheaded 2 Blast furnace output 3 With the least delay 4 Word with steam or fire 5 Many a poem by Sharon Olds 6 NBA coach Steve 7 Amazon berry 8 Alpine song 9 Continuing story line 10 Source of inside info, perhaps 11 Criticize severely 12 Casts in a bad light 16 Green lights 19 “You sure of that?” 21 Soak (up) 24 Thames gallery 26 African river to the Mediterran­ean 28 Topsoil host Actor 79. Actor is 76. Movie director is 70. Actor McTiernan Harriet Sansom Harris Ron Cephas is 66. Actor is 64. Singer-songwriter is 57. is is is 52. is Jones Ron Sexsmith Michelle Forbes Maria Pitillo Ami Dolenz Sean Paul Donnell Turner Actor 56. Actor 55. Actor Reggae singer 48. Actor is 48. Actor-rock singer is 45. Actor is 44. Actor is 43. Actor is 42. Actor is 41. Actor is 39. Actor is 34. Actor is 34. Previous Puzzle Solved Jenny Lewis Amber Benson Scott Whyte Sarah Polley Rachel Nichols Gaby Hoffman Cynthia Erivo Freddie Stroma DOONESBURY GARRY TRUDEAU DAILY BRIDGE CLUB: BYFRANKSTE­WART “Let me show you a new game I invented,” the Serpent told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. “I call it ‘bridge.’” The Serpent recruited a fourth from the Land of Nod, and the game began. When Eve was declarer at 3NT, the Serpent, slithering West, led the jack of spades. Eve won in her hand and led a diamond, and the Serpent played the jack. “I can resist anything except temptation,” Eve sighed, and she covered with dummy’s queen. East (of Eden) correctly played low. When Eve continued with the king of diamonds, East took the ace. Eve couldn’t set up and cash the long diamonds and she won only eight tricks. “Let the jack of diamonds win,” Adam grumbled. “You win the spade return in your hand and lead your last diamond to set up the suit. The king of spades is an entry.” “You wear the plants in this family,” Eve shrugged, “so maybe you’re right.” As for the Serpent, he didn’t have a leg to stand on. The game he invented has been vexing people ever since. three level, promised about as much strength as you hold. He may have a weak hand with only four spades and may struggle to take even nine tricks. Moreover, bad breaks are likely. PRICKLY CITY SCOTT STANTIS DAILY QUESTION: You hold: A Q 5 A J 8 4 7 4 A K 8 3. Your side is vulnerable. The dealer, at your right, opens three diamonds. You double, and your partner bids three spades. What do you say? ♠ ♥ ◆ ♣ A lot of togetherne­ss puts pressure on relationsh­ip ANSWER: Discipline demands that you pass. Your double, which obliged partner to respond at the people like the impatient (and rude) individual you encountere­d that day. and he tells you he has to be with you every minute because he loves spending time with you, remind him that there are two of you inthis relationsh­ip. Then informhimt­hat with no time for yourself or friends, you feel claustroph­obic, which isn’t healthy for you or the relationsh­ip. Healthy relationsh­ips are those in which both parties allow each other the space to be individual­s. If you don’t draw a line and insist that he accept it, he will smother you. Dear Abby: My fiancee and Iwill bemoving in together soon, and we’re looking forward to a pet-filled life. The concern we both share is thatmy mother and hers are allergic to animals and will probably never be able to visit because of it. We love each other’s parents and would like to have themin our lives asmuch as possible. Are there rules of etiquette for pets and families with allergies? HOROSCOPES­BY HOLIDAY: BY HOLIDAYMAT­HIS SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). ARIES (March 21-April 19). There are so few people in the world who are actually funny. You discount the gift because you were born with it and it is common to you. You won’t discount it today. Your humor helps people, and you’ll share it. What happens all of the sudden is exciting for several reasons, the foremost being that you don’t have time to think. Your animal self takes over, and you do what you were designed to do. JeannePhil­lips DearAbby Dear Abby: I have been in a relationsh­ip with a wonderfulm­an, “Andy,” for two years. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. We are both divorced with children, and they get along like brothers and sisters. Even though our marriages ended, mine wasn’t an ordeal. My ex and I both knew it wasn’t working anymore, and we still get along pretty well. But Andy and his ex-wife never got along and argued for 18 years, and herein lies the problem. He gives me no space — ever. I have discussed it with him numerous times, and his response is, “Well, I have never been this happy, and I love spending time with you.” I enjoy our time, too, but I feel controlled without him acting controllin­g. He wants to bewithme every minute. I look forward to going to work to escape! How can I get himto listen? TAURUS (April 20-May 20). SAGITTARIU­S (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). When the student is ready, themaster appears. You feel ready, and yet there is still a piece you haven’t committed to yet. You’ll read it, work it or do whatever needs doing. Then your teacher will arrive. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. Figure out what you did right back there, and just do more of that. It’s not hard to spot. What’s harder is taking the time to be with yourself, recognize and note it. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Dear Abby: CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You always give great advice on howto respond to people. My husband had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago. We ventured out for the first time to a store. He was holding on to the cart and stopped to rest. A man behind us, who was obviously following too close, threw up his hands in disgust. Evidently we weren’t moving fast enough for him, so hemade a snide remark; I replied thatmy husband is recovering from a stroke. Unfortunat­ely, a week ago he suffered another stroke. How can I respond to people who are rude to those whomight be slow or disabled?— Make a decision and stick with it for three days. There is no such thing as a perfect choice. Don’t waste energy trying to find it. You don’t know who is watching your bravery, but later, this will be significan­t. Your people are coming out of the woodwork. When you think about it, that is a slightly creepy concept, and yet it is the most fitting image. You’re an organic creature calling to the same. — Pet Lover in Georgia Dear Pet Lover: If your parents are highly allergic, putting your pets in another room or outside won’t work because their hair and dander would be in your carpets and on your furniture. In a case like this, your parents should talk to their doctors and ask if they can get vaccinated to lessen or alleviate their allergies. If that isn’t an option, you and your fianceemay have to visit THEM, wearing freshly laundered clothes so you won’t bring any allergens with you. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Add heat or time and you’ll notice that the reduction of things is unique to the object. Some things become more concentrat­ed, some less, the principle being that everything changes. They love you, but they don’t know how to show you. This is a bitterswee­t theme that you can make sweet by telling them what you need and making it easy for them to give it to you. Asking for help when you need it isn’t a sign of weakness; rather, it’s the picture of effectiven­ess. Strength is the result of a willful force coming up against a worthy adversary. Different forums have different structures. Sports favor the one with the most points. Entertainm­ent favors the ones with themost followers. In the forum you’re navigating today, charm wins, so you have the hometeam advantage. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You thought you had the time to work things out, and maybe you misjudged that. It’s a common problem. Things can be worked out. Just know that everything you do is being counted. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Test it. Go there. Something is going to happen — something uncomforta­ble, maybe even painful for a moment. But what if this is your one and only life? Whatcha got? How are you putting your skills out there? This is the year that amplifies what you are good at, lifts your effervesce­nt spirit into the ether and calls into the beauty of your kindreds. Together, you will be like a wave, providing a voyage, a ride, amix-up of energies and processes. You’re a proud pulse in the beautiful swell. Aquarius and Pisces adore you. Your lucky numbers are 8, 40, 22, 19 and 38. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Patience in LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). California Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Dear Patience: I think you handled the situation beautifull­y. All you can do is hang on to your temper and try to calmly educate Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. — Joinedat theHip Dear Joined: The next time you have “the conversati­on,” PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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