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A8 | JOURNAL-NEWS | FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2021 COMPLETE. IN-DEPTH. DEPENDABLE. CORONAVIRU­S: THE LATEST Inventory Blow Out Sale! House full of new vinyl windows as low as Vaccine Coronaviru­s cases in Ohio and to what eligible groups. “Vaccines fromtheman­ufacturer are usuallydel­ivered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week,” said.“We anticipate those providers that receive their vaccines on Monday, Jan. 18, start distributi­ng on Tuesday.” WithOhio typically receiving about 100,000 vaccines aweek andvaccina­tions continuing for Phase 1A, it is that it will take some time to get through Phase 1B, DeWine explained. However, the governor noted that Ohio will likely start receiving more vaccinatio­ns each week as vaccinatio­ns continue. As of Thursday, 221,302 people inOhiohave received the of the vaccine, accordingt­otheOhioDe­partment of Health. Both the Moderna andPfifize­r vaccines are two doses. Ohio plans to start distributi­ng second doses tomorrow. More than 10,000 daily cases of coronaviru­s were reported Thursday in Ohio, reportedsi­nce Dec. $6900 per month Ohio had 753,068 total reported cases and 9,462 deaths as of 2 p.m. Jan. 7. continued fromA1 No payments until next year. Approximat­ely 1,700 providers have registered to distribute the vaccine, the governor said. On Monday, the statewill host a webinar releasing outlines as well as instructio­ns for distributi­on. Healthcare providersw­ho have been selected to distribute the vaccine will then be notifified and informed of how many shots they will receive on Tuesday. Local Emergency Management Agencies are being a ske d t o press conference next Wednesd a y a n d Thursdayto announce where vaccinatio­ns will be available intheir county how people can receive them, said. “Some providers may require appointmen­ts, some may drive-up clinics or take walk-ins, we expect every provider to clearly state how they will administer vaccinatio­ns to eligible individual­s,” the governor said. More details about how Ohioans with severe medical disorders school staffff can be vaccinated will be released at a later day, said. This week the state is sending forms to K-12 school superinten­dents askingthem to agree to go back to in- learning or a hybrid by March 1. “That is a condition of getting the vaccine,” DeWine said. “We will be asking to send us the number of staffff they believewil­l choose to take the vaccinatio­n and indicate if they are already working with partners for vaccine administra­tion.” The state will launch a tool at coronaviru­s.ohio.gov showingOhi­oanswhere vaccines are being distribute­d Newcases reported each day DeWine (Difference fromprevio­usly reported) Thermal Tech Exteriors: Dec. 18 740-385-1033 9,684 See note will andexpecta­tions, below See note below Jan. 7 10,251 Note at ODH site on these days: “Case numbers may Prepare for power outages with a Generac home standby generator be lower today as we work through technologi­cal difficulti­es.” likely Cases by county Highest county rates Area county rates Cases per 100,000 Cases per 100,000 Total cases Total cases hold 8,438 4,313 7,586 8,116 7,304 17,135 7,211 38,341 7,141 27,360 7,151 9,624 7,047 2,881 6,201 10,475 5,457 2,122 11,164 10,728 10,168 9,885 Darke Miami Warren Montgomery Butler Clark Preble Greene Champaign Pickaway Marion Putnam Mercer 6,526 6,983 3,443 4,070 SCHEDULE YOUR FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENT TODAY! fifirst dose 866-297-0137 Lowest county rate Gov. Mike DeWine Meigs 4,021 921 FREE Note: not report Dec. 25 and Jan 1. The 11,018 reported Dec. 26 was halved and is shown on the 25th and The 14,293 reported 2 was halved and is shown on the 1st and 2nd. ODH did and 7-Year ExtendedWa­rranty* A $695 Value! 26th. Jan. Source: Ohio Department of Health DeWine Offer valid August 24, 2020 - December 31, 2020 Ohio Public Health Advisory System themost Special Financing Available The alert system is color- guide in coronaviru­s responses coded and by county to help actions. 17. OnbothDec. 26 2, coronaviru­s totals included cases fromtheper­viousdays. There have been 753,068 total cases reported in Ohio. Hospitaliz­ations increased by 365 for a total of 40,469. AsofThursd­ay, therewere 4,180 coronaviru­s patients in Ohio hospitals, according to ODH, with 1,165 in southwest Ohio. It’s the second day in a row that the region’s COVID-19 inpatient total decreased. Coronaviru­s patients account for16.08% of hospital beds insouthwes­t Ohio, with 28.27% ( 2,049 beds) open. Of the region’s ICU beds, 270 are occupied by COVID19 patients (23.68%) and 221 beds (19.39%) are available. Ohio added 27 ICU admissions to its total Thursday, bringing it to 6,092. Ninety-four deaths were reported for a total of 9,462. hold Subject to Credit Approval *Terms & Conditions Apply andJan. but Public Emergency levels as of January 7: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Severe exposure and spread. Only leaave home for supplpplie­s and services. Very Increased exposure high exposure and spread.spread and spread. Exercise high Limmit activities ddegree off cacaution.. asmmuch as pposssible. Active exposure sure and spread.s Do Nothing – If you do nothing, you will remain in the Settlement, but you will not receive any money from the Settlement, and you will be bound by the orders and of the Court and up your rights to sue for the claims resolved by this Settlement. – You can stay in the Settlement and object to the Settlement. Your objection must be mailed to the Settlement Administra­tor If You Received A Bargain Hunt Store Receipt Showed More The Last 5 Digits Of Your Debit Card Number, Your May Be Afffffffff­fffected By A Class Action Settlement. That Than Credit/ Rights judgment give Object and Para informació­n en español, visite el sitio web. Toledo T o H H What is this lawsuit about? The lawsuit that customers who a credit or debit card at Bargain Hunt stores were provided with electronic­ally-printed customer receipts which had more than the last digits of card printed on the receipt. Bargain Hunt denies any wrongdoing is settling the claims in this lawsuit. Cleveland H H alleges used H H on or before February 5, 2021. Exclude Yourself H H H DeWine H HHAkro H H H H H H H – If you do want to be legally bound by the Settlement and you want to preserve your right to sue about the claims released by this Settlement, you must request to be excluded If you exclude yourself, you will not receive any money from this Settlement. The parties will request a Fairness Hearing before the Honorable Judge Andy Prather, Division 2, on to decide whether to approve the settlement and to award attorneys’ fees expenses to the Settlement Class Counsel appointed by the Court, plus Settlement Class Representa­tive incentive awards. If the hearing date/ changes, the updated informatio­n will be posted on the settlement website. Applicable pleadings will be posted on the website below after they are You may attend this hearing, but you do not have to. If you want to be represente­d by your own lawyer, you may one at your own expense, but you do not have to. For more about the Settlement, including the Long Form Notice and Claim Form, visit or write Bargain Hunt Settlement, PO Box 42546, Philadelph­ia, PA 19101-2546 or call not fifive their HAkro Akron on number H H H H H H but H H on or before February 5, 2021. H H H H H H person Who is included in the Settlement? You are included in the Settlement if you used your personal credit or debit card at any Bargain Hunt store you were provided with an electronic­ally-printed customer receipt August 1, 2016 June 30, 2017 that shows more than the 5 digits of your card H H H Canton H H H H H H H H and H H H between H April 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. H H and last H H H number. H H and H H H What are my up to $100 rights? Submit A Claim - You can get from the Settlement. To be eligible for any money, you must submit a Claim Form by with: 1) An original or copy of a receipt from any Bargain store between August 1, 2016 June 30, 2017 showing more than the 5 digits of your credit/debit card or 2) An original or copy of your credit/debit card statement showing your last and a purchase from any Bargain Hunt store August 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Visit for more details on benefifits available and how to submit a claim. H Wooods Woodsfifif­ififififif­ield Wo W eld Woodsfield fififififi­fififififi­fififififi­fi H schools Sprin S ng gfifififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ifififield gfifififif­ifififi dCo o lum mbus mb bus Columbus Springfiel­d Co H H fififififi­fififififi­eld H location H H H March 22, 2021 Dayton Day yton along H H H H ( H H H H Hunt fifiled. 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