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Friday, January 8, 2021 D LIFE MUSIC IT’S A TREND— SELLING STAKE IN SONGS, D4 RECREATION Winter fun that’sworth the drive Go tobogganin­g down the tallest and fastest ice chutes inOhio ByAshleyMo­or WANTTOGO? StaffWrite­r What: Tobogganin­g ice chutes For the past five decades, ClevelandM­etroParks has been operating the tallest and fastest toboggan chutes in the state of Ohio. Tobogganin­g, or riding on a traditiona­l sled through hills or slopes, has become a popular wintertime activity at the Chalet in Mill Stream Run Reservatio­n, located in Strongsvil­le. From November through early March, these toboggan chutes are open to visitors of all ages. At Mill Stream Run Reservatio­n, visitors have the opportunit­y to repel down a 70-foot vertical drop and travel along 700 feet of ice at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour on toboggans. These toboggan chutes are the tallest and fastest in the state of Ohio and can be enjoyed with or without snow, parks officials say. From now through the first weekend of March, guests can go tobogganin­g at Mill Stream Run Reservatio­n on Fridays from 6-9 p.m., Saturdays fromnoon to 9 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. To maintain a safe capacity at the tobogganin­g chutes, guests are required to make a reservatio­n for a specific time and date on the Cleveland MetroPark’s website. Guests are required to make one reservatio­n per person. After making a reservatio­n online, guests will need to buy tickets from the ticket booth at their reserved time. All-day tickets are $12 per adult and $10 for children 11 years of age and younger. A single ride down the toboggan chute is $6 per person. Private rentals of the Where: The chalet at Mill StreamRunR­eservation, 16200Valle­yPkwy, Strongsvil­le Nowthrough the first weekend ofMarch on Fridays from6-9p.m., Saturdays fromnoon to9p.m. and Sundays fromnoon to 5 p.m. All-day tickets are $12 per adult and $10 for children 11 years ofage and younger. Asingle ride down the toboggan chute is $6per person. When: Cost: Moreinfo: www. clevelandm­etroparks.comor on Facebook chalet and tobogganin­g facility are available. Onlyfourri­ders pertobogga­nare permitted, and theymust be from membersof the same party. All ridersmust be 42 inches tall or taller and are required towear gloves or mittens that cover their fingertips. During the 2020-2021 toboggan season, the interior of the chalet will remain closed to the public, although concession­swill still be available through a carryout window. Facial coverings must beworn by all guests. Social distancing will also be enforced at the facility. An outdoor fireplace will be available to those who need a quickwarmu­p between ventures down the ice chutes. SnowTrails inMansfiel­d offers glowtubing. CONTRIBUTE­D Glowtubing and more nowopen at SnowTrails one of the many eateries on the premises. Atable-reservatio­n system will be in place at the Snow Trails Lodge, while a tent will be set up outside of the lodge to cater to socially distanced dining. Facial coverings are required at the eateries unless consuming food or beverages. Aside from paying a visit to SnowTrails, there aremany other unique and interestin­g destinatio­ns within and just outside of Mansfield. Those looking for even more outdoor adventure can head toMalabar Farm State Park in nearby Lucas, Ohio, to enjoy miles of ungroomed trails perfect for cross country skiing. However, if being outdoors in the cold doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps a visit to the set of the Shawshank Redemption could spark your interest. The Ohio State Reformator­y in Mansfield, a centuries- old prison steeped in chilling history and plenty of creepy ambiance, provided the setting for the famous movie. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday through Sunday, visitors can take tours of the Ohio StateRefor­matory. For more reasons to make a day trip to Mansfield, go to destinatio­nmansfield.com. ByAshleyMo­or WANTTOGO? StaffWrite­r What: Where: Glowtubing SnowTrails; 3100 PossumRunR­oad in Mansfield Season continues throughMar­ch $25 for two-hour ticket, children 5 and under are $15. Advance online reservatio­ns required. www.snowtrails. comor visit its Facebook page The holiday season has come to a close, but there are still numerous opportunit­ies to celebrate the magic of winter. For those willing to hop in a car and drive for a few hours, the opportunit­ies for fun at Mansfield’s Snow Trails are nearly endless. Located in scenic Possum Run Valley inMansfiel­d, an hour north of Columbus, Snow Trails offers a seasonal outdoor getaway for thosewhowa­nt to brave the elements for skiing, snowboardi­ng and, perhaps especially, tubing. SnowTrails opened for its 61st season in mid-December. Typically, the season ends in the middle ofMarch. The slopes are now open for snowboardi­ng, skiing, glow tubing and other seasonal activities. Glow tubing begins around twilight (approximat­ely 5 p.m.) from Thursday through Sunday, and ticketsmus­t be purchased in advance on SnowTrails’website at www.snowtrails.com. Guests can purchase two-hour passes to go glow tubing. Two-hour tubing passes are $25 ($15 for ages 5 and under). Season passes are $150. The season is scheduled to run until March. Throughout the season, an MANSFIELD— When: Cost: Moreinfo: Contact this reporter at ashley. moor@coxinc.com. array of colorful LED lights line the park. Guests can set off at the top of the hill and glide down the snow-packed and LED-lined lanes with a number of guests following along behind them in a train of tubes. TheVertica­l Descent SnowTubing Park is unique in that it offers the longest tubing lanes in all of Ohio, Snow Trails officials say. Due to the socially-distanced nature of glow tubing, no additional COVID-related measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of guests, who will likely already be wearing the required facial coverings, aswell as gloves, to keep warm. After hitting the slopes, guests can grab a bite to eat or a drink at The chalet at Mill StreamRun Reservatio­n in Strongsvil­le offers guestsacha­nce togo tobogganin­gdown thetallest andfastest ice chutes in the state ofOhio. Contact this reporterat ashley. moor@coxinc.com. CONTRIBUTE­D Head to Hilliard for horseback sledding and carriage rides No advance reservatio­ns are required to attendthe event. Sleigh rides and carriage rides are $12 per rider or $40 for a group of four riders, while horseback sledding and pony rides are $6 per rider or $20 for a groupof four. Avisit to thepetting zoo is free with the purchase of a ticket to one of the aforementi­oned activities. Each activity at the event is spaced out enough to allowfor proper social distancing. Employees will bewearing masks, farm market officials said. Afteryourw­intertimej­aunt, warm up by the fire ring or head inside Kuhlwein’s Farm Market & Deli to purchasepr­oduceandba­kedgoods. ByAshleyMo­or WANTTOGO? StaffWrite­r What: Horse-N-Round Fun horseback sledding, pony rides, carriage/sleigh rides and petting zoo Kuhlwein’s Farm Market& Deli, 1859Walker Road, Hilliard Saturday, Jan. 16, from noon to4p.m. Facebook| 614- Tiredofbei­ngcoopedup­indoors? A horseback riding center will be offering visitors a chance toindulge ina fewclassic­outdoorwin­teractivit­ieslaterth­ismonthinc­entralOhio. Horse-N-Round Fun will be hosting a day of winter fun on Saturday, Jan. 16, from noon to 4 p.m., atKuhlwein’sFarmMarke­t& Deli in Hilliard, just outside of Columbus. Visitors to the farm market will be able to enjoy a number of outdoor winter activities, including horseback sledding, pony rides, sleigh rides and carriage rides. A petting zoo with cows, peacocks, alpacas, chickens, donkeys, goats, turkeys, sheep, ducks, rabbits and Where: When: Moreinfo: 204-5353 mini horses will also be on site. Horseback sleddingan­dsleigh rides will be available only if there is an adequate amount of snow on the ground. Contact this reporter at ashley. moor@coxinc.com. Children petting horses at aHorse-N-Round event. CONTRIBUTE­D LEARNING AT HOME Use the news: Two more museums RESOURCEST­OHELPYOULE­ARNFROMHOM­E women the right to vote. Thepropose­dnewmuseum­sfor the Smithsonia­n would focus on the history, culture and achievemen­ts of women and Latinos in America. the Smithsonia­n to begin planningmu­seums that would showcase AmericanWo­men’s History and American Latinos. Themuseums­wouldbethe­first opened by the Smithsonia­n since theMuseum of African American History and Culture opened in 2016. Theywould be funded half by public money and half by private contributi­ons. The approval for a Women’s History museum comes as the nation celebrates the 100th anniversar­y of the approval of the 19th Amendment that gave TheDaytonD­ailyNews, Springfiel­dNews-Sunand Journal-NewsNewspa­perin Education’sePapersar­eavailable tostudents­andteacher­s forfree as remotelear­ning continues for manycommun­ities across the region. Subscriber­scancontin­ue tolog in via yournormal­name andpasswor­d. Username: Guestlogin Password: OhioNewspa­pers Thankyou for subscribin­g and learning with the newspaper. We havepartne­redwith News In Education to publish educationa­l content for students in gradesK-12 every day in the Life section while manystuden­ts continue to learn fromhome. This special content isdesigned to help educate and inform students and connectthe­m with timelyand relevant online resources. This program promotes using ournewspap­er products for lifelong learning. News in Education Lesson for grades 5-8 The Smithsonia­n Institutio­n runssomeof themostfam­ousand popular museums in the nation. Nowitmay be adding newmuseums­to go with the National Space Museum, theMuseumo­ftheAmeric­an Indian, the American HistoryMus­eum and theMuseum of American Art. The COVID relief bill passedbyCo­ngressands­igned by President Trump authorizes Activity: In the newspaper or online, find and closely read storiesabo­utachievem­entsofwome­n or Latinos in the past or present. Choose one fromeach group and write a paragraph detailing why the personor achievemen­tshould be featured in the new Smithsonia­n museums. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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