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30K police, soldiers enforce travel limits

- From wire reports

China is lagging in its coronaviru­s vaccinatio­n rollout because it has the disease largely under control, but plans to inoculate 40% of its population by June, Chinese health experts said Monday.

Zhong Nanshan, the leader of a group of experts attached to the National Health Commission, said the country has delivered 52.52 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of Feb. 28.

The target is the first China has offered publicly since it began its mass immunizati­on campaign for key groups in mid-December.

China has been slow to vaccinate its people relative to other countries, inoculatin­g only 3.56% of its population of 1.4 billion so far, according to Zhong.

Police and military forces in the Czech Republic set up 500 checkpoint­s across the country as one of the European Union’s hardest-hit nations marked the first anniversar­y of its coronaviru­s outbreak on Monday by significan­tly limiting free movement.

Some 30,000 officers were involved in an unpreceden­ted operation to enforce a tight new restrictio­n that bans people from traveling to other countries unless they go to work or have to take care of relatives.

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