Chil­dren Need To Look Both Ways

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Re­gard­ing the Oct. 31 news brief, “3 Sib­lings Killed By Truck While Cross­ing Road To Ind. Bus Stop”:

One tragedy af­ter an­other, and each one touches so many peo­ple, be they fam­ily, friends, neigh­bors or ac­quain­tances.

You would have to be in­hu­man to not imag­ine the grief of the fam­ily of the three sib­lings killed by a driver as they crossed the street to board their school bus.

But my ques­tion to all the par­ents of school­child­ren and to driv­ers: How many times have we seen chil­dren step off the bus and just run across the street with­out even look­ing? I know that I have wit­nessed this ev­ery — and yes, I say ev­ery — time that I have stopped be­hind a school bus.

Par­ents, schools and bus driv­ers have to teach chil­dren to stop and look both ways be­fore they cross a street. Let this ter­ri­ble tragedy be a teach­ing mo­ment to re­mind our pre­cious chil­dren to be dili­gent when cross­ing the street.

And for driv­ers to stay off of their phones when on the road.

Jill Price, New­ing­ton

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