Hartford Courant (Sunday)

Milan showcases young African designers


Abrima Erwiah was inspired by Italy’s artisanal heritage to co-found Studio 189, working with craftsman from Ghana and other African nations.

“I just saw what it was like to visit second- and third-generation artisans in Italy,” said Erwiah, whose father came from Ghana and mother from Mississipp­i. “People were living with dignity and they could send their kids to school and do all these great things.”

Through the brand founded in 2013, she and her co-founder Rosario Dawson are trying to help be agents of social change in Ghana, where they work with artisanal communitie­s and have a factory.

The Studio 189 looks included indigo and batik cottons in long, festive silhouette­s, like a multi-tier red and white triangle print with a black-and-white diamond print top.

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