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Corciullo-Weiland, M A to Moriarty, Steven and Moriarty, Susan, 7/19, $18,000


31 Lakeside Dr, Oak Tree Developmen­t LLC to Procopio, Rosa M, 7/22, $186,000

141 Old Tavern Rd, Torrenti Beatrice D Est and Torrenti, E Eugene to Rigoglioso, Joseph P, 7/18, $575,000

311 Hilltop Rd, Rousseau, Christophe­r and Rousseau, Ching M to Nolan, Thomas and Nolan, Laurie, 7/18, $470,000

513 Howellton Rd, Nyerick, Robert W to Rana, Bhupendra and Rana, Trina, 7/18, $480,000

572 Treat Ln, Amanov, Palvan and Amanov, Jamal to Barone, Salvatore and Barone, Denise, 7/18, $545,000


4 Eames Dr, Tirella Ralph C Jr Est and Tirella, Kevin P to Byrd, Darren and Byrd, Casey, 7/18, $192,333

4 Eames Dr, Tirella, Patrick and Miner, Elaine to Byrd, Darren and Byrd, Casey, 7/18, $384,667

16 Pine St, Flokos, Arthur J and Flokos, Corinne I to Gomes, Paulo and Avalos, Eduardo A, 7/19, $455,000

21 Chauncey Dr, Fabian, Edward J and Klingaman, Sandra D to Barreira, Alexander V and Barreira, Kristen M, 7/15, $630,000 21 Cortland Pl, Struzik, Thomas B and Struzik, Patricia to Anishchyk, Nataliya, 7/18, $480,000

21 E Commerce Dr, Oxford Town Of to 589 Investment­s LLC, 7/15, $105,000

93 Hogs Back Rd, Engstrom, Deborah A and Perkowski, Michael to Kundert, William and Mucherino, Michele, 7/15, $419,000

136 Chestnut Tree Hill Rd, Gatton, Ryan J to Stunkel, Bradley and Stunkel, Alissa, 7/18, $445,000

137 Meadow Brook Rd Lot 137, Dekarz, Elzbieta to Cataudella, Vincent G and Cataudella, Diane L, 7/19, $484,000

475 Roosevelt Dr, Jachimowsk­i, Cynthia and Jachimowsk­i, Cynthia L to Hro Properties LLC, 7/19, $275,000

599 Chestnut Tree Hill Rd, Buypal Jr, Frank J to Seewald, Jennifer L and Seewald, Brad, 7/19, $339,000

1057 Augusta Dr Lot 1057, Flaherty, Robert J and Flaherty, Deborah W to Frezza, Donna M, 7/19, $474,900


16 Pine St, Hebert, Jeffery M to Szydlo, Shane, 7/21, $293,000

21-23 E Main St, Central Village Apt LLC to Rahman, Shahriar, 7/21, $215,000

42-44 Church St, Absolife Properties LLC to Packard, Brooke E, 7/20, $230,000

94-100 S Walnut St, Melendez, Griselda and Melendez, Kevin to Leblanc, Nicholas and Pearlstein, Zachary, 7/18, $299,000

373 Lathrop Rd, Falanga Joseph J Sr Est and Allinson, Steven M to Scofield, Brittany M, 7/19, $275,000


36 Whispering Pines Dr Lot 13, Newport Willow Brk Partn to Meneo, Patricia S, 7/19, $410,655

76 Broad St, MMTD Associates LLC to 76 Broad Lessor LLC, 7/19, $350,000


5 Hickory St, Mir Properties LLC to Ortiz, Reynaldo and Ortiz, Iliana, 7/20, $295,000 17 Canal St, Patim LLC to SNJ Holdings LLC, 7/18, $400,000

24 Eagle St, Birdsall, Mary E to Condren, Jake A, 7/19, $225,000

28 N Riverside Ave, Gagnon, Cheryl A to Harlow, Courtney, 7/20, $130,000

29 High St, Morneault, David to Birdsall, Mary E, 7/20, $300,000

108 N Harwinton Ave, Monroe, Scott to Risdon, Justin K, 7/22, $45,000

724 Pine Hill Blvd Lot 724, Carretta, Patricia A to Guba, Helena, 7/19, $245,000


161 Brooklyn Rd, Mather, Caitlin A and Mather, Jacob to Serating, Erik R and Serating, Michelle C, 7/19, $390,000

284 Jericho Rd, Mather, Caitlin A and Mather, Jacob to Serating, Erik R and Serating, Michelle C, 7/19, $390,000


16 Karen Dr, Burke, Christophe­r J to Fraser, Matthew, 7/18, $430,000

48 E Main St, Yeaw, Christophe­r T to Melien, Timothy and Melien, Paula, 7/20, $280,000 179 Ames Hollow Rd, M&R Custom Homes LLC to Law, Evelyn B and Sienkiewic­z, Beau T, 7/19, $399,900


9 Mains Way, Auerbach, David M and Auberbach, Akthy to Mccullough, Bruce K and Price, Amber J, 7/22, $555,000

99 Branch Hill Rd, Cipriano Jr, Frank J to

Rossi FT and Rossi, Linda D, 7/19, $500,000


192 Straitsvil­le Rd, Anderson, Kurt W to Hamelin, Diane L, 7/19, $300,000

206 Cook Rd, Dasilva, Lori A to Garvin, William A, 7/22, $235,000


8 Genevieve St, Giurintano, Michael to Terry, Terrence, 7/21, $340,000

33 Pleasant St, Bowen, Randy to Roy, Christine L, 7/19, $250,000

63 Perry St Lot 105, Harris, Beverly E to Langley, Quiana T, 7/18, $225,000


N/A, Stewart, Daniel B to Jednak, Margaret S, 7/18, $650,000

274 Umpawaug Rd, Daignault, David A to Freed, Laura and Ancona, Joseph, 7/21, $1,074,143


3 Tackora Trl, Pagliaro, Elizabeth and Iozzo, Nancy to Kenosia Developmen­t LLC, 7/18, $370,000

10 Old Branchvill­e Rd, Vanwagner W J Jr

Est and Wagner, Lynn V to Ablon, Sylvia L, 7/20, $450,000

11 Bryon Ave, Rosenblatt, Michael J and Rosenblatt, Amy N to Whitbeck, Gabriella, 7/18, $2,300,000

18 Weir Farm Ln, Douglas, Brian K and Douglas, Tamara A to Mosebrook, Matthew and Mosebrook, Steffanie, 7/18, $1,500,000 20 Olcott Way Lot 20, Ah, Cheng S to Weber, William P, 7/20, $375,000

32 Casagmo Garage Lot 32, Witt, Glenn E and Witt, Kristen to Liapunov, Henrik, 7/20, $18,000

32 Walnut Grove Rd, Levitt, Laurie R to Russell, Keith H and Russell, Debora D, 7/18, $284,819

43 Jefferson Dr, Siclare, Joseph and Siclare, Karen to Beckerman, Benjamin B and Beckerman, Anna, 7/18, $1,045,000

44 Pumping Station Rd, Scholl, Steven C and Scholl, Catherine A to Kitaychik, Igor and Kitaychik, Oksana, 7/21, $1,230,000 45 Hussars Camp Pl, Gregory T Guillaume RET and Guillaume, Gregory T to Palmiero, Michael and Palmiero, Angela, 7/18, $1,500,000

48 Mimosa Cir, Freeburg, William and Freeburg, Ann to Creixent, Nicolas and Lazara, Paula, 7/19, $759,000

80 Spring Valley Rd, Szentkuti, Richard C and Szentkuti, Cynthia M to Eustace, Eleanor and Znaty, Lionel, 7/21, $1,749,000

120 Prospect St Lot 20, Best, Phyllis to Camillos, Jason P and Glen, Melissa W, 7/20, $575,000

173 Barlow Mountain Rd, Robert, Scott L and Robert, Vivian to Seberg, Nicholas S and Seberg, Jenna L, 7/18, $750,000


8 Robbins Ln Lot C, Marques, Cynthia C to K Greenfield LLC, 7/18, $95,000

22 Hawthorne Cir, Chipkin, Evan S and Chipkin, Gwen M to Jani, Nikeshkuma­r P and Jani, Annapurna, 7/22, $850,000

31 Carillon Dr Lot A, Russell, Phyllis A and Jacobs, Cynthia to Costa Jr, Carlos T, 7/18, $160,000

103 Cedar Hollow Dr Lot 103, Lehr, Errol D and Brown, Deborah A to Turney, Ethan, 7/18, $215,000

124 Speno Rdg, Borkowski, Jacek and Borkowski, Jadwiga to Singh, Amandeep, 7/21, $1,030,000

200 Hayes Rd, Shateli, Luann to Garcia, Jonathan, 7/21, $419,999

509 Carlton Ln Lot 509, Martins, Elizabeth A to Nataraj, Ganesh and Rangaraj, Vidhya, 7/20, $250,000

710 Maple St, Porcelain Properties LLC to Leiching, Jaclyn and Leiching, Ian, 7/18, $425,000


87 Rucum Rd, Nagy Edward J Est and Leary, Tricia D to Copley, Charles J and Grant, Elizabeth, 7/22, $220,000

87 Rucum Rd, Nagy, James L to Copley, Charles J and Grant, Elizabeth, 7/22, $220,000


167 Round Hill Rd, Tierney, Shawn J and Tierney, Adrienne L to Dyjak, Andrew J, 7/19, $396,000

420 Hartford Rd, Ross, Christophe­r R and Ross, Eva to Moyer, David, 7/18, $380,000 552-554 Hartford Rd, Miller, Chriss R to Sirois, Mark and Sirois, John T, 7/21, $323,100


30 E Main St, Cooper, Evan to Conlin-Powers, Marguerite and Powers, Clyde A, 7/18, $617,500

37 Moore Rd, Ross, Michael and Ross, Besse to Edwards, Michael and Edwards, Constance, 7/18, $2,250,000

SEYMOUR 3 Summer Brook Way Lot 3, Edgerly, Dora to Brossman, Scott F, 7/21, $200,000

4 Cross Creek Ln, Adamo, Amy to Zheng, Jianwei, 7/18, $615,000

17 Lakeview Ave, Koproski Judith C Est and Koproski, Maureen to Speer, James W, 7/20, $217,500

24 Silvermine Rd, Figueiredo, Thomas C to Crown Homes LLC, 7/20, $343,375 24 Stanley Dr, Kiewlen, Matthew to Palmer, Michelle A and Reynolds, Leon V, 7/19, $372,000

30 Grand St, Berry, Cara L to Spataro, Joshua L, 7/18, $238,000


37 Tichnor Rd, Murad Mark Est and Girdley, Michael to Marshall, David J, 7/21, $2,500,000

45-47 Caroline Dr, Harper 3rd, Kenneth and Hambleton, Sally T to Hutnick, Daniel and Hutnick, William, 7/20, $550,000


Dimon Hl Ests Lot 12, Turco, Fred M and Turco, Diane L to BGTS Relocation Inc, 7/19, $710,000

3 Murphys Ln Lot 10, Wernau, Susan B to Isberto, Minerva, 7/21, $225,000

6 Wakelee Ter, Katomski, Lynda M and Katomski, Michael T to Mandolfo, Gina A and Kellerman, Morgann H, 7/18, $270,000 7 Meeting House Ln Lot 7, Schmedlin, Marie J to M&M FT and Dangelo, Michael, 7/20, $202,500

24 Beech Tree Hill Rd, Royce, Joshua R and Royce, Amanda L to Weinstein, Lawrence J and Weinstein, Alexis G, 7/19, $660,000 28 Little Fox Run, Brittain, Ricardo S and Brittain, Vanessa L to Noel, Flavie, 7/20, $428,000

29 Fairfield Ave, Godkin, Tina and Chernovetz, Angela to Roman, Taisha, 7/19, $370,000

30 Hearthston­e Dr, Uva, Maria and Uva, Patrick to Saginario 2nd, John A and Saginario, Kimberly A, 7/19, $640,000 58 Saginaw Trl, Mallozzi, Vincent and Mallozzi, Brooke to Narrosalaz­ar, Sony and Mogg, Kimberley, 7/19, $362,000

190 Thoreau Dr, Jun-Jin, Jerry Z to Cabana, Lilia and Cabana, Alexander C, 7/20, $610,000

198 Lenore Dr, BGRS Relocation Inc to Garcia De Chavez, Martiza, 7/19, $710,000 635 Booth Hill Rd, Casolino, Laurel A to Espinoza-Recinos, Cristian and Leon, Marjorie, 7/20, $410,000


1 West St Lot 314, Bullock, Joseph E and Majewski, Jennifer to Shepard Chrildren T and Rogers, Lynne, 7/19, $305,000

2 Kelly Farm Rd, Bean, Dominic M and Bean, Jennifer A to Spano 2nd, Peter V and Spano, Angela, 7/18, $750,000

7 Grimes Brook Pl, Diamond, Todd L and Diamond, Sheila T to Ingellis, Eric E and Ingellis, Kristin F, 7/21, $390,000 10 Fawnbrook Ln, Mason George L 3rd Est and Santhouse, Margaret M to Dasgupta, Deborshi and Roychowdhu­ry, Nupur, 7/18, $360,000

26 Old Meadow Plain Rd, Pinheiro, Debbie to Weedon Jr, Christophe­r K and Dlugozima, Michalina, 7/20, $331,000

27 Lincoln Ln, Curreri, Joseph and Curreri, Elizabeth to Guerin, Jennifer and Guerin, Michael, 7/18, $635,000

31 Madison Ln, Bellone, Shawna D and Bellone, Stephen G to Pescatore, Matthew J and Pescatore, Emilee R, 7/18, $508,000 38 Carriage Dr Lot 38, Boucart, Anne to Kucharczyk, Alicia H, 7/20, $170,000 84 Seminary Rd, Griswold, Samuel M to Bradford Gifting T and Bradford Jr, Michael F, 7/21, $437,500

195 Firetown Rd, Fonicello, Michele R to Corley, Mark and Corley, Noreen, 7/19, $340,000


15 Deerfield Dr, Gamble, Jane E to Dunkle, Megan S and Dunkle, Matthew T, 7/18, $380,250

49 Stafford Rd, Rivera Jr, Carmelo and Rivera Jr, Carmleo to Yacteen, Khalil and Yacteen, Nicole, 7/20, $415,000

77 Maple St, Paszek, Zbigniew to King, Betty J, 7/18, $240,000


4 Joseph Ln, Russo, Thomas P and Russo, Jody E to Baron, Liran, 7/12, $505,000 19 Brookfield St, Deming, Diane P to Saxena, Divya and Saxena, Avdhesh, 7/22, $280,000 40 Daisy Ln Lot 40, Davenport, Timothy C and Davenport, Sayoko O to Mohandoss, Susana and Joe, Breena J, 7/20, $361,000 44 Manor Ln, Boisseau, Timothy and Boisseau, Rebecca to Doyle, Jeremy and Saechao, Jennifer, 7/19, $290,000

50 Cody Cir, Cascade Funding Mtg T to Pietri, Stephanie, 7/13, $275,000

76 Gail Ln, Vallee, Tricia A to Kim, Nisi and Choi, Jihee, 7/18, $492,000

111 Graham Rd, Ekstrom, Michael B and Ekstrom, Sara E to Rose, Deanna M, 7/19, $340,000

129 Country View Dr, Marsh Jr, David C to Le, Johnny and Nguyen, An, 7/18, $436,000 195 Benedict Dr, Sigler, Jonathan and Sigler, Rita to Power, Eigida, 7/15, $210,283

204 Misty Meadow Ln Lot 204, CPI Group LLC to Soni, Dharmendra and Soni, Debapriya, 7/18, $175,000

503 Graham Rd, Lewis, Tracy M to Morgan, Edith and Morgan, Damani D, 7/14, $315,000 704 Strawbridg­e, Ladue, James M to Kurker, Olivia J, 7/19, $313,000

1204 Burr Mdw, Kuppuraj, Hariharan and Soora, Sowmialaks­hmi to Ganesan, Baskaran, 7/15, $227,000


Jacob Rd Lot 624, Cummins, Sean and Cummins, Sarah to Grutkowski, Alexander C and Grutkowski, Jessica D, 7/21, $830,000 6 Heritage Crst Lot C, Ruth A Hughes LT and Hughes, Ruth A to Dragone, Carman and Dragone, Nicole, 7/18, $325,000

9 Gettysburg Rd Lot 9, Brooks, Cathleen R to Hasan, Mdrafiqul and Islam, Masuma, 7/19, $501,000

27 Hillside Rd, Bickelhaup­t, Mary B and Zarcone, Aaron J to Dawe, Jordan, 7/20, $279,900

86 Transylvan­ia Rd, Burstiner, Roseann M to Wilson FT and Wilson, Jeffery L, 7/18, $598,000

114 Scout Rd, Williams, Tracianna to Zhang, Minghong and Lin, Hailey Y, 7/21, $325,000 157 Sunset Rdg, Skaryak, Nancy R to Simon, Eric and Simon, Christine, 7/20, $750,000 234 Heritage Vlg Lot A, Fierberg Nancy F

Est and Fierberg, Robert J to MDB Hldg LLC, 7/19, $255,000

350 Heritage Vlg Lot A, Welch, Edward and Welch, Kimberly to Dimon, Charles H and Dimon, Lynn G, 7/22, $270,000

489 Heritage Vlg Lot A, Smith, J Carolyn and Kelly, John to Chapman, William and Chapman, Stephanie, 7/21, $175,000

651 Kettletown Rd, Kamerzel, Brian E and Kamerzel, Lauren M to Basil, Alexandra, 7/21, $465,000

706 Heritage Vlg Lot A, Antman, Esteban to Camhi, Sondra, 7/18, $385,900

730 Bucks Hill Rd, Saggese, Vincent P to Stigberg, Todd and Stigberg, Colleen, 7/20, $510,000

794 Heritage Vlg Lot B, Ganci, Vincent L and Ganci, Jean M to Stephens, Eric, 7/19, $355,000

817 Heritage Vlg Lot D, Jamgochian, Darwin to Wardowski, Gail A, 7/18, $239,000

1022 Heritage Vlg Lot B, Sav LLC to Biercevicz, Charlotte and Biercevicz, Joseph J, 7/19, $340,000

1441 Purchase Brook Rd, US Bank NA Tr to Chiecko, Jeff and Ritchie, Julie, 7/18, $475,000


West St, Campy Realty LLC to Rivera, Glenda L, 7/5, $310,000

273 Queen St Lot 8A, Steers, Robert O to Orange Peach Prop Mgmt, 7/5, $136,000


60 High St, Zaleski, Matthew to Saeli, Alicia and Saeli, Tuesday A, 7/18, $190,000 92 Delphi Rd, Grenier, David J to Schirduan, Sarah and Flaxington, Joshua F, 7/18, $250,000

194 Orcuttvill­e Rd, Burton, Keith D and Burton, Kathleen G to Jordan, Tyler R, 7/18, $70,000


Saddle Hill Rd Lot 43B, Quick, Roger A and Quick, Mary A to Gordon, Steven and Albert, Elaine, 7/18, $200,000

1 Broad St Lot PH25B, Chung, Rita to Cohen, Mary and Cohen, Myles, 7/19, $692,500 1 Broad St Lot PH23E, Sindi, Kamil and

Sindi, Omar to Balsells, Anaite, 7/20, $639,000

3 Juniper Hill Rd Lot A, Grunberg, Michael to Major Oak Bldrs&Cons, 7/21, $888,500 5 River Ridge Ct, Denardis, Laura E and Smith, Deborah R to Vasanwala, Meehboob I and Vasanwala, Vahidabanu, 7/20, $699,500 6 Terrace Pl, Samaha, Edmond to Buchholz, Jennifer, 7/19, $390,000

8 Mitchell St, Kepchar Michael W Est and Freebairn, Ellen to Morris, Blake and Scro, Jaclyn, 7/19, $680,000

10 Ranson St Lot 10, Bonfigli, Andrea to Mulrooney, Paul J, 7/21, $575,000

12 Center St, Wilson, John R to Reccy, Cisco, 7/18, $850,000

17 Apple Valley Rd, Feliciano, Edward and Feliciano, Lynda M to Scala, Joseph and Scala, Alyssa, 7/18, $1,190,000

19 Carter Dr, Buchanan, James M to Shupin, Anthony S and Shupin, Rachel M, 7/22, $830,000

20 3rd St Lot 14, Paris, Shterna S to Ahmed, Mohammad U and Ahmet, Javairia, 7/22, $675,000

25 Adams Ave Lot 405, Rouhani, Asgar to Fanelli, Anthony L, 7/19, $480,000 25 Knickerboc­ker Ave, Ely 3rd, James

P to Lin, Henry C and Cui, Hong, 7/18, $1,124,000

27 Sea Beach Dr, Ohara, Patrick S and Ohara, Robin H to Bailey, Marta, 7/19, $1,450,000

32 Lynam Rd, Birnbaum, Manfred E and Birnbaum, Charlotte J to Clark, Ryan and Clark, Nina, 7/20, $1,275,000

42 Thornwood Rd, Buscemi, Mary to Ramsey, Alex and Ramsey, Lacey, 7/19, $1,205,000

43 Vanech Dr, Greco, Louis E to Mayo, Kelly A and Murrin, Daniel, 7/20, $575,000 50 North St Lot 102, Hyman, Jay and Hyman, Dayna to Saffron Property Invs LLC, 7/20, $166,250

54 Myrtle Ave, Myrtle Family LLC to Castillo Partners LLC and Partners Castillo, 7/20, $600,000

54 Ridgecrest Rd, Osher, Ronald A and Osher, Stephanie to Karen, Lynne, 7/18, $1,379,000

57 Edgewood Ave, Derosa, Dominick and Derosa, Nancy to Treibert, Jordan and Treibert, Amberly, 7/21, $820,000

65 Glenbrook Rd Lot 2D, Jurs, Deborah E to Tenenbaum, Hannah and Tenenbaum, Mikhail, 7/18, $225,000

66 Knobloch Ln, AJB Properties LLC to Dabrowski, Michael F and Dabrowski,

Brooke R, 7/18, $1,350,000

68 Greenleaf Dr, Jervey, Warren L and Jervey, Jeanne-Marie P to Dekter, Christiaan A and Aung, Nayla, 7/18, $1,020,000 74 Woods End Rd, Garrpse LLC to Brody, Arthur T, 7/19, $1,310,000

85 Dann Dr, Zurkowski, Elvera R to Sheehy, Brian A, 7/18, $599,900

97 Tupper Dr, JHS 1 LLC to Kearney, Amy and Kearney, John, 7/21, $625,000 99 Gaymoor Dr, Sattarpour, Abdol H to Bonsu, Jude and Bonsu, Josephine, 7/18, $795,000

105 Crestwood Dr, Guinta, Charles A to Martinez, Gustavo R, 7/21, $619,000

107 Virgil St Lot F, Song, Wei to Shim, Michelle H and Chung, Jin Y, 7/21, $430,000 114 Forest St Lot 114, Epstein, Vicki J to Olinger, David and Barnes, Anna, 7/22, $578,000

115 Colonial Rd Lot 32, Pu, Linghua and Ma, Yuan to Dennis, Jeremy A, 7/22, $700,000 121 Briar Brae Rd, Nanopoulos, Matthew and Tantillo, Melissa to Oconnell, Steven A and Johnston, Karen M, 7/18, $695,000

143 Hoyt St, Buckingham Condo Inc to Rozanski, Andrew W, 7/19, $10,000

158 Skyview Dr, Boccuzzi, George J and Boccuzzi, Susanne to Inestrilla­s, Gabriel P and Amster, Hillary W, 7/18, $800,000

168 Cedarwood Rd, Adams, Michael L and Adams, Jessica G to Icon Capital Mgmt LLC, 7/22, $855,000

277 Skyview Dr, Carlucci, Nancy G to Mccaffrey, Megan M and Carroll, Bradford D, 7/22, $902,411

300 Broad St Lot 904, Mihatov, Nicole to Lewis, Jacob, 7/18, $280,000

352 Bayberrie Dr, Pizzolato, Gene J to Antonios Daskalakis LT and Daskalakis, Antonios, 7/21, $1,450,000

444 Bedford St Lot 6P, Nicaj, Gjon to Tuntigian, Nicolette, 7/20, $285,000

712 Newfield Ave, Schmidt, Gene and Schmidt, Angela to Okonkwo, Ronald and Okonkwo, Ruth, 7/19, $630,000

950 Cove Rd Lot A3, Maria Marini LT and Marini, Maria to Alarcon, Dolores and Diaz, Marcelo, 7/18, $340,000

1088 E Main St Lot B1, Serrano, Maria M to Moskaliuk, Vadym and Lupul, Valentyna, 7/18, $205,000

1111 Hope St Lot 6, Rai, Anand and Crasto, Dalarine to Ha, Richard, 7/18, $420,000

2700 Bedford St Lot W, Miner, Carole to Tromba, Kimberly and Tromba, Michael A, 7/18, $299,000


238 Harris Rd, Turcotte, Michelle A and Turcotte, Paul W to Abdon, Nery B and Gomez, Helen E, 7/18, $380,000


Ivy Rd, Jeckel Phillip E Est and Cassidy, Kevin M to Flora Investment­s LLC, 7/19, $375,000

37 School St (Mystic), Jeckel Phillip E Est and Cassidy, Kevin M to Flora Investment­s LLC, 7/19, $375,000

90 Lantern Hill Rd, Smith, Jesse O to Brayton, Hope E and Judeinstei­n, Patrick J, 7/20, $350,000

170 Liberty St, Adams, Stephen M and Adams, Deborah to Ahern, Lester and Ahern, Paula, 7/20, $400,000

274 River Rd, Anderson Joyce R Est and Charnetski, Michael R to Deneen, Robert D and Lucas, Suzanne L, 7/22, $421,000


Breakers Ln Lot 59, Nuterangel­o, Sebastian to Lupis, Nicola and Halloran, Sarah E, 7/18, $22,000

Harbour View Pl Lot BS9, Frate, Regina R and Giardina, Louise M to Bertanza, Eugene, 7/19, $16,800

15 3rd Ave, Sutera, Karen B to Amoroso, Jake and Kelly, Angela, 7/18, $785,000 15 Speer Dr, Colitto, Nicholas A to Laszuk, Monique, 7/20, $470,000

36 Belvidere Dr, Tenk, Gary to Yousufzada, Sameem and Taaj, Fariha, 7/22, $470,000 41 Cardinal Pl, Singer, Joshua and Singer, Mandy to Sari, Tarma N and Sari, Tarma M, 7/19, $315,000

53 Bryant Pl, Plofkin, Carol to Liranzo, Melissa, 7/18, $341,000

55 Masna Pl, Mauro, Luke A and Mauro, Amber to Daniels, Johnny, 7/18, $501,000 62 Shanley St, Ek Res Fund 1 LLC to Llera, Jamie, 7/18, $260,000

70 Founders Way, Caldwell, Frances and Caldwell, Jason to Dyer, Codi, 7/19, $710,000

80 Mcgrath Ct, Hargrove, James to Lagase, Alexis J, 7/19, $190,000

97 Mckinley Ave, Shuler, Stanley R to Rodriguez, Nadia, 7/22, $245,000

99 Broadmere Rd, Green Beverly A Est and Mccormick, Patricia E to Macias, Jesus, 7/22, $280,000

140 Canary Pl, Morel, Michael and Ortiz, Lorel to Lin, Bin and Jia, Wenlu, 7/18, $685,000

164 Glenwood Ave, Moffett, Michelle to Carr, Deborah, 7/18, $350,000

184 Klondike St, Kowerdovic­h, Joseph D and Kowerdovic­h, Lorraine G to Macre, Colin and Maxis, Marie, 7/18, $255,000

210 Breakers Ln Lot 210, Harbor View LLC to Friedman, Tammy L and Friedman, Jeffrey, 7/21, $410,000

255 Nassau Rd, Carlozzi, John and Carlozzi, Julia to Ellerbe Jr, Oneal and Ellerbe, Johanna, 7/19, $495,000

289 Johnson Ave, Sicinolfi Peter M Est and Kupchick, Yolanda to Eustaquio, Diana and Eustaquio, Reynaldo, 7/20, $380,000

346 Burritt Ave, Deoliveira, Wilmar J and Deoliveira, Adriana C to Bailey, Tiffany, 7/22, $365,000

390 Marina Dr, Verrusio Hm Improvemen­t to Holland, Anthony and Holland, Debra, 7/20, $450,000

430 Knowlton St, Harko, Serge N to Harnish, Paul and Harnish, Paul J, 7/21, $339,000

603 California St, K2 Realty LLC to Blount, Monique and Blount, Allison, 7/19, $374,000 2302 Elm St, Lindsay, Ann E to Gonzalez, Jack and Solivan, Jacqueline, 7/20, $576,000 3476 Main St, Stiles Judson House Assoc to Mao, Bounny, 7/18, $390,000

3699 Broadbridg­e Ave Lot 206, Laurence, Todd J and Rynich, Diane F to Wilbur, Melanie S, 7/19, $120,000


10 Ayreshire Ct Lot 10, Mason, Daniel E to Lacic, John J and Lacic, Iwona M, 7/21, $183,000

34 Wainscot Ln, Kennedy, Craig H to Costello, Nathan and Scagliotti, Jennifer, 7/21, $555,000

51 Suffield Meadow Dr Lot 51, Ganesan, Jayaraman and Ganesan, Meena to Thurston, Melissa, 7/22, $192,200

75 Highland Ridge Dr, Lacic, Iwona and Lacic, John to Fiore, Catherine M and Fiore, Peter J, 7/18, $975,000

81 Landing Cir Lot 81, John W Silver RET and Calsetta, Jillian A to Bosco, Angelo and Bosco, Christie, 7/18, $50,000

83 Stonegate Ln, Rayco Developmen­t Co LLC to Daub, Anna and Daub, Katharina, 7/19, $225,000

120 2nd St, Vasilakis, Spiros and Vasilakis, Stamatoula to Troche, Gaio and Troche, Beatrice A, 7/20, $415,000

309 Mapleton Ave, Fuller, James S and Fuller, Melinda B to Miller, Jonathan and Miller, Amanda, 7/20, $480,000

514 Halladay Ave W, Digennaro LT and Digennaro, Robert G to Jacobs, Jonathan T and Jacobs, Krystle, 7/18, $350,000

1092 Newgate Rd, Hanlon, Viola to Patel, Vinubhai B, 7/22, $345,000

1359 Ratley Rd, Gogulski, Walter O to Brunette, Mary, 7/18, $185,989


79 Old Waterbury Rd, Zeron, Neptali D and Ibarra, Claudia P to Gonzalez Sr, George L and Hernandez, Yolanda, 7/22, $248,000 118 Pine Hill Rd, Hughes, Tracy to Smith, Ann and Ulrich, Justin, 7/20, $239,000

156 Edgewood Ave, Rimkoski, Genevieve to Sirochman 3rd, Michael, 7/18, $230,000


Sunnyside Dr, Candidus, Maximilian to Tavernier, Matthew D, 7/20, $99,900 17 Starr Rd, Francisco, Penny G to Ott, Kurtis W, 7/19, $240,000

52 Fernwood Ave, Belleville David B Est and Herman, Matthew A to Mann, Robert K, 7/19, $50,000


10 Weigel Valley Dr Lot 10, Whitaker, Charito C and Whitaker 3rd, Herbert W to Freedman, Ronald F and Freedman, Carol, 7/18, $335,000

12 Old Orchard Way, Sniadach, Anthony J to Rhodes, Sarah E and Rhodes, Kurtis A,

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