Curtsy Lunge with Front Leg Ex­ten­sion

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Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms at sides with a 3-lb. weight in each hand.

Take a gi­ant step back with left foot, cross­ing it be­hind right. Bend knees, lower hips and torso, and ex­tend right arm di­ag­o­nally back and up. Bring left el­bow to right knee, and curl weight to­ward shoul­der ( A). Trans­fer­ring weight to right foot, come to bal­ance on right foot as you kick left leg up and ex­tend arms out, palms face­down ( B). Main­tain po­si­tion; bend left knee and bring left foot to right thigh ( C). Lower left leg, step back to “A,” and re­peat.

Make sure you crunch those abs.

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