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Head­ing to a party and ob­sess­ing over whether or not you should in­dulge in all the good food? So not worth your time. Th­ese tips will help you sa­vor the sea­son while still re­spect­ing your body’s cues.

Carry a Pack of Gum

We’d never sug­gest you pass up a tasty hol­i­day buf­fet—but if you’re tired of food hang­overs af­ter too many nights out, con­sider this party hack: Pop a piece of gum in your mouth 15 min­utes be­fore you grab a plate. “Chew­ing gum tricks your brain into think­ing you’re eat­ing, so you ac­tu­ally eat less,” says Su­san Al­bers, PSYD, a clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist and au­thor of Eat­ing Mind­fully. Downing a mint in be­tween help­ings can be use­ful too: “It gives your body time to get a read on whether you are full or not,” Al­bers says. “Make a deal with your­self that you can have sec­onds if you’re still hun­gry by the time the mint dis­solves in your mouth.”

Al­ter­nate Cock­tails and Wa­ter

Be­fore you ar­rive at a fete, de­cide how many drinks you’re go­ing to have.

(We rec­om­mend stick­ing with just one or two.) Then af­ter each cham­pagne or pomegranate mar­tini, sip a glass of wa­ter or seltzer with a twist. This pat­tern will help you stay hy­drated, so you can avoid a throb­bing headache to­mor­row. And make sure you snack on some apps be­fore you hit the bar: “If we don’t eat be­fore we drink, that can throw off blood sugar,” says Steven Fein­leib, MD, a staff physi­cian in pre­ven­tive medicine at the Cleve­land Clinic in Ohio; this can cause weari­ness the next day.

Don’t Be Too Rigid

Set­ting mul­ti­ple rules for your­self at a party

(No cake! No puff pas­try! No eggnog!) can back­fire, and suck all the joy out of the oc­ca­sion. In­stead, try celebrity trainer Gun­nar Peter­son’s trick: “I zero in on a sin­gle healthy prac­tice,” he says. “It can be any­thing from not drink­ing al­co­hol to skip­ping the passed ap­pe­tiz­ers or desserts. If you give your­self one thing, you’re likely to stick with it.”

What­ever your drink of choice, en­joy ev­ery sip.

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