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Pal­pi­ta­tions and pain in the chest and arm are the clas­sic signs of a heart at­tack.

But many women have sub­tler symp­toms that are easy to brush off, says Dr. Stein­baum. Mem­o­rize th­ese warn­ing signs:

Strange fa­tigue (such as af­ter a usu­ally easy work­out, or just mak­ing the bed).

Trouble sleep­ing even when ex­hausted.

A cold, clammy feel­ing.

Sud­den sweat­ing or short­ness of breath with an­other symp­tom, like chest pain.

Dif­fi­culty breath­ing when you’re ly­ing down that eases when you sit up.

Pain in ei­ther arm, or the left side of the lower jaw.

Chest pain that spreads to the up­per or lower back, es­pe­cially sud­den pain that might wake you up at night.

Chest pain that comes with nau­sea/ vom­it­ing, heart­burn, anx­i­ety, or dizzi­ness.

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