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How bad is it if you spot one mouse in your house?


As eeeped out as you may feel, relax. Mice don’t travel in packs and typically forage for food independen­tly. There’s a chance one squeaked in through a crack, says

Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologi­st for the National Pest Management Associatio­n. “Rodents’ common entry points are garage or basement doors where the rubber seal or weather stripping needs replacing,” he says. Evict the mouse with whatever method you’re comfortabl­e with. To avoid future intruders, eyeball ground-level entries and solidify them as necessary. Check around the house foundation and the underside of window ledges, too, and fill with outdoor sealant. Also transfer dry goods, especially in storage areas that you visit less often, to airtight containers.

not so bad!

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