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candy cane castle


1. Adhere vertical strips of red washi tape all over the house and trim the ends. We used 15-millimeter washi tape for the diagonal stripes and 8-millimeter for the straight ones. To make small pieces for the doorway and windows, place a strip of 15-millimeter tape on wax paper and cut—they’ll peel off easily. Attach washi tape to white vellum, then adhere vellum to the inside of each window with double-sided tape.

2. Cut a piece of red cardstock for the door and adhere with double-sided tape on the inside of the house. Hot-glue on a white bead for the knob, then hot-glue a mini wreath to the house.

WASHI TAPE PA Essentials 8-millimeter and 15-millimeter washi tape in red, $4 for a set of 2 rolls, MINI WREATHS Topbuti mini Christmas wreaths, $7 for 18,

 ?? ?? Church 8½"-tall wood birdhouse, $7,
Church 8½"-tall wood birdhouse, $7,

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