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How bah, humbug is it to set a price limit for a family gift exchange?


That’s actually a generous thing to do. “Price limits are a way to make participan­ts happy without blowing their budgets,” says financial analyst Chris Browning, cohost of the money podcast This Is Awkward. Start with a lowball amount. “Throw out $20 when you want the limit to be $40, that way people have room to push back.” And if anyone still objects, compromise. Say the issue is that you’d like to avoid Granny and Gramps showering your children with a million goodies. You might strike a middle ground by capping the number of presents and letting them spend a little more. Should anyone blow past the limit entirely, says Browning, “give them a bit of grace, because it’s coming from a good place. Gifts are how some people express love.”

not Bah, humbug!

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