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Geometric dresser


1. Remove the pulls and patch the holes with wood filler. Sand and prime the sections of the drawer fronts you wish to paint. Let dry.

2. Divide each drawer front diagonally with a strip of delicate surface painter’s tape, placing it on the side you won’t be painting.

3. Paint the lighter color section of each drawer front. Remove the tape while the paint is still slightly wet. Let dry.

4. Divide the drawer fronts diagonally again with the painter’s tape, placing it on the part you’ve already painted. Repeat Step 3 with the darker color.

5. Drill holes for the new knobs and attach them.

DRESSER CosmoLivin­g by Cosmopolit­an Westerleig­h 4-drawer chest in white KNOBS Wisdom Stone Bixby 11/10" polished gold cabinet knob

PAINTS Intrigue, Smoky White, King Salmon, and Spanish Lace, all by Behr

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“The trick to applying painter’s tape is to keep it on the roll as you hold it tight to the piece and move it along. Then rip it.” —Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis, Unsellable Houses

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